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Meghan Markle And Harry: Agents Don’t Rush To Keep Themselves Safe


After Canada, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry chose to move to Los Angeles. To ensure their safety, they called upon private agents, in addition to English police officers, who are not frankly motivated according to The Mirror .

After a break on Vancouver Island in Canada, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry packed their bags and finally chose to move to the United States and more precisely to Los Angeles. As soon as the move was announced, Donald Trump, who frankly does not have a good relationship with the couple, made it known that American taxpayers would not pay for their safety. However, the Sussex couple retorted that the cost of their security would be managed by “private funds”.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex therefore obtained a list of Hollywood’s most reputable bodyguards to look after them. Renowned agents, who have worked for the couple formed by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie or Madonna, among others. But according to information revealed by The Mirror, these private security agents should necessarily be accompanied by London police officers, always financed by the British taxpayer.

“An attractive prospect for anyone…”

However, it would appear that this British protection team is complicated to train. Indeed, some sources revealed that there was “little or no willingness” on the part of the protection officers to work for the couple. “These jobs are the cream of the crop and yet, at the moment, this does not seem an attractive prospect for anyone,” said one source, before adding: “Nobody wants to move their family between different countries. No one is clear what the plan is, or where they will be based in the medium or long term.” Officers reluctant to protect those who have decided to brutally turn their backs on the British crown…

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