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Meghan Markle accused of plagiarism: her latest intervention on social networks is intriguing


In an interview, Meghan Markle revealed the reasons why she did not intend to return to social networks. However, there is a glitch in her speech, as some people have discovered…

Meghan Markle is adamant that for her, social networking is over. But to explain why, it turns out she needed a little inspiration. Admitting that she no longer uses social networks to “preserve” herself, the Duchess of Sussex also criticised the way these platforms work with Fortune Next Gen: “There is very little in the world where you call the person who engages with them a ‘user’: drug addicts and people on social networks,” she explained. A somewhat philosophical reasoning which is … not hers.

Several people who recently watched the Netflix documentary The Social Dilemma noticed that this sentence by Meghan Markle was strongly inspired by the words of statistician Edward Tufte, who explained that “there are only two industries that call their clients ‘users’: illegal drugs and software”. Similar comments have led to accusations of plagiarism by several Twitter users, reports The Sun.

Meghan Markle tackles these social network “obsessed” people

An embarrassing little detail for Meghan Markle, who had nevertheless been very convincing in her speech on social networks, and a change of opinion on the issue that also did not go unnoticed. Before joining the royal family, Prince Harry’s wife had an Instagram account, on which she revealed many personal photos, and wrote regularly on a blog, The Tig.

“A few years ago, I had a personal account that I closed, and another through our institution and our office in the UK that was not managed by us alone but by a whole team,” she recalled, also explaining that she “had difficulty with people who became obsessed with it”. “They are so much a part of our everyday culture for so many people that it is an addiction, like many other things in this world,” she stressed.

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