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Meghan Markle: A costly trial


On 19 January, a new hearing was held before the High Court of Justice in London in the case between Meghan Markle and Associated Newspapers Limited. The aim of this new step is to decide whether or not to pursue the legal action… with significant consequences for the American actress’s finances.

Despite their (big) contracts with Netflix and Spotify, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are careful about their spending. Proof of this is the legal action between the Duchess of Sussex and Associated Newspapers Limited (ANL), the publisher of the Mail on Sunday.

As a reminder, Prince Harry’s wife blames the tabloid for having disclosed extracts from a private letter written to her father, Thomas Markle, in August 2018. After more than a year of battle, the first day of hearings at the High Court of Justice began on 19 January 2021. Judge Mark Warby must now determine whether the case can be tried under the summary judgement system, in other words, a speedy judgment without going through the trial box.

For Meghan Markle, the stakes are primarily financial. In addition to the assurance that the case will finally be closed and that she will not be forced to testify in person, a summary judgment would allow the former actress to avoid paying court costs.

Last September, the tabloid The Sun revealed that Prince Harry’s wife had already accumulated £1.8 million (nearly €2 million) in debt as a result of her legal adventures. A note that could turn out to be more salty in the event of a lawsuit. If Meghan Markle is not successful, the case will continue next October, as the duchess has been able to obtain a postponement for a “confidential” reason.

Multiplication of costs

For despite their personal fortunes (estimated at 25 million euros for Harry and 5 million euros for Meghan Markle), both spouses have to bear costs that are not always easy to honour. Whether it be the renovation of Frogmore Cottage, their various trips in private jets for holidays, the purchase of a splendid property or their security costs.

So many bills that make them grind their teeth, despite their new income. In order to protect their interests, the couple took new steps last December at the American Patent and Trademark Office to protect their copyrights. A new source of money that should continue to financially strengthen their charity Archewell Foundation.

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