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Meghan and Harry: That very hard message that tried to get them past the palace after their last request


On Remembrance Sunday, Prince Harry asked the Royal Family to lay a wreath of flowers on his behalf at the Cenotaph in Whitehall, London. A request rejected by Buckingham Palace, which is nothing but a strong message against Sussex.

Relations between the Sussex couple and the royal family more strained than ever? On November 8th, Princes Charles and William laid a wreath at the Whitehall Cenotaph in London on Remembrance Sunday to commemorate the end of the First World War and the memory of the many soldiers killed.

A special occasion that Prince Harry was unable to attend due to his move to Los Angeles, but he wanted to pay his respects at the Los Angeles National Cemetery. And this because Buckingham Palace refused him a very special gesture.

Prince Harry wanted a wreath of flowers to be laid in his name at the ceremony, as he had served for many years in the British Army and had always included support for veterans and war invalids among his commitments.

The request was rejected by the Royal Family, which illustrates the terrible relationship the Sussex couple had with the office of Elizabeth II. “I think this is an indication that things are worse than we thought,” historian Robert Lacey told Newsweek.


Prince Harry “more committed to reconciliation” than Buckingham?

Faced with the refusal of Buckingham Palace, Prince Harry therefore decided to organize his own remembrance ceremony with Meghan Markle from Los Angeles, whose request was, according to the historian, “perfectly reasonable”, if we take into account his years of service, but also his habit of attending this remembrance ceremony in the United Kingdom.

A request that for him would also be the way for the Duke of Sussex to show how much he is “more attached to reconciliation or maintaining some kind of bond” with the royal family, “than the palace is to grant it”.

A harsh message from Buckingham Palace, to which Prince Harry simply responded by media coverage of his personal tribute, the pictures of which were “clearly published in the context of the ongoing battle between Sussex and the palace” according to Robert Lacey.

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