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Meghan and Harry: How the Buckingham palace is trying to fix things


After the fractious interview of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, Buckingham Palace has set up a millimetre counterattack, to restore the tainted image of the British royal family.

It is an interview that has gone around the world. The wife of Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, did not mince words about her experience in the British monarchy. Pregnant with little Archie at the time, she confided in Oprah Winfrey about the suicidal thoughts that accompanied her daily. The Duchess of Sussex also mentioned racism from some members of the royal family.

Confessions that had the effect of a bomb for Queen Elizabeth II, but also for the brother of Prince Harry, the Duke of Cambridge. After the broadcast of the interview, Buckingham Palace has quickly thought of a strong strategy to give a new breath to the Windsor. In an article published this Monday, March 22, in News AU, by Daniela Elser, the Australian royal expert details the counterattack of the palace to erase the bad memory of an interview that is still talking about her.

For the crowned heads expert, who has fifteen years of experience in reporting on the British royal family, the palace has “bided its time” before going on “the offensive” against Meghan and Harry. According to Daniela Elser, “the house of Windsor could have, from the beginning, played a much more clever and cunning game” than the couple. A response that took time, confirms the specialist, but that will work. The retaliation of the palace has clearly begun, according to her, the day of the publication of the article of the Times, this Saturday, March 20, entitled The Other Brother. A paper that highlighted the qualities of Prince William.

Repairing the broken pots

The expert says that the response of the royal family is based entirely on the image of Prince William: “Rather than going on the defensive, we focus mainly on the offensive,” she says. Considered “the boss” of the Windsor family, according to a British journalist, Kate Middleton‘s husband is trying, despite his disappointment, to pick up the pieces with his brother, and especially, to protect the monarchy.

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