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Meghan and Harry confined with Jameela Jamil? The actress sets the record straight


A famous British magazine wrote that Jameela Jamil and Meghan Markle would have gotten closer since they spent the confinement together. The actress wanted to set the record straight on her social networks.

Things are now clear. Jameela Jamil made a lengthy statement on her Instagram account on Thursday, September 3, regarding her relationship with Meghan Markle.

The actress revealed in the Netflix show The Good Place, shared an article from the British tabloid Daily Express, which explained that Jameela Jamil would have spent the period of confinement with the former British actress and Prince Harry in their Santa Barbara home.

Comments that the principal concerned immediately denied: “I only met this woman once”. “Best friends now that they’ve been through the confinement together?!” she then insisted, making it clear that the two women are not “best friends”, and did not spend the confinement together.

Jameela Jamil explained that she and her family have been “harassed” since the 34-year-old actress criticized the British media and press for making “racist” remarks about the Duchess of Sussex. “I was the subject of harassment, my family started being harassed and they offered money in exchange for dirt on me just a week after I first tweeted to defend her.

Then followed what was a plethora of lies and rumors about me, set up to discredit me as an individual and to convince people that I am ‘crazy’ to devalue my opinion so that anyone could realize that I am right,” she said in her long publication.

Meghan Markle is a symbol of hope and power

Then, Jameela Jamil made a point of explaining the defense she had against Meghan Markle, whether she herself is a woman of color or not. “Now they are exaggerating some kind of relationship that they have decided I have with [Meghan Markle] in order to make it look like I said those words in terms of ‘loyalty’ rather than because it’s the right thing to do to denounce misogyny and racism when you see it, because it’s an attack on her, it’s an attack on all women of color/black women,” Jamil wrote. According to her, Meghan Markle is a “symbol of hope and power”.

The actress known for her commitment and activism concluded her long post with a small but meaningful sentence: “It’s almost as if they don’t have important issues to talk about… like a pandemic, the global economic crisis, climate catastrophe, political unrest…”.



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