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Le prince Harry embarrasse Buckingham


When asked about Meghan and Harry’s recent statements about the U.S. presidential election, Buckingham Palace felt that they were no longer active members of the family and that they were the only ones involved. Clear, neat and precise!

Buckingham is digging a little more of a wedge with Meghan and Harry. In a video for Time 100 posted online this Tuesday, September 22, those who now live in Los Angeles spoke about the upcoming U.S. presidential election in a few weeks, except that it is not allowed for members of the royal family to talk politics. After their statements, all eyes turned to Buckingham, who had a few lapidary words.

Journalist and Royal Family specialist Chris Ship noted that Buckingham Palace had been questioned about this stance taken by Archie’s father. “The Duke is no longer an active member of the Royal Family and all his comments are made in a personal capacity,” he said. No further comments would be made. A polite yet direct way of conveying the message that Harry had gained his independence and that his words and gestures were no longer about the palace.


Their statement provoked anger

In the surprise speech, Prince Harry asked voters to “reject hate speech, misinformation and online negativity” while his wife, Meghan, felt that this was an important election coming up. If the couple did not mention the name of any candidate, it is impossible not to think of Donald Trump, whom the Duchess is far from liking.

Many people were surprised by such a speech and did not hesitate to say so. “Why would a British prince and his wife get involved in an American election? What does it have to do with him? Didn’t we wage a war to end the interference of the British monarchy,” a viewer told the Daily Mail.

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