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Kate Middleton ready to cut George, Charlotte and Louis’ hair herself!


A mother blessed with three children, Kate Middleton would do anything to make them happy. Including acting as a hairdresser to the delight of George, Charlotte and Louis, as a relative assured Fabulous.

A mother who cares. Official photographer, mistress since the beginning of the confinement… Kate Middleton is not afraid to multiply her hats when it comes to her three children. Confined with Prince William and their toddlers, George, Charlotte and Louis at Anmer Hall for several weeks, the Duchess of Cambridge has had to adapt. Now well-versed in virtual encounters, she would not hesitate to use scissors. “Kate would certainly cut George and Charlotte’s hair because she is very competent,” one of her relatives told Fabulous, saying that the little family was “used to homemade haircuts”. And if being a hairdresser isn’t for everyone, Kate Middleton would do just fine.

And for good reason, the Duchess of Cambridge is a regular. “Carole Middleton taught Kate and her sister Pippa how to cook and cut children’s hair,” the source continued. While Prince William’s wife already has a good foundation, she can also rely on the skills of her elder’s nanny. “Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo is with her, she knows how to cut the children’s hair very well,” explained Kate Middleton’s relative. And while many of the families who have gone through this have had to go through complicated times during the confinement, this is not the case for the Cambridge family. “George is very easy,” says the source to Fabulous. Charlotte likes to have her hair on her face, so it’s pretty hard to get a ponytail on her. But they both have hair that’s easy to cut.”

A renowned professional

Usually it is in their Kensington Palace home that Prince William and Kate Middleton’s children are pampered. And it is Richard Ward, the hairdresser who took care of the Duchess on her wedding day, who is there. To facilitate the work of the Duchess, whom he had been cuddling for years, he even left her some accessories when he was away. “Kate is able to cut the children’s hair because she keeps her professional kit at home, including Richard’s scissors,” described her relative, who is very familiar with the family’s routine. And while Kate Middleton loves to do her children’s hair, she doesn’t hesitate to ask for help with her own hair. “During the lockdown, she asked Maria for help,” he assured. She’s using a hair dye created for her by Richard.” Enough to turn Norfolk Manor into a full-fledged barbershop.

Photo credits: Bestimage

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