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Kate Middleton and William: These beautiful proofs of Love for Father’s Day


In celebration of Father’s Day, Kate Middleton and Prince William shared touching photos of their dads on Instagram this Sunday, June 21.

On this Sunday, June 21, France celebrates music, but also Father’s Day. And that goes beyond France. In the United Kingdom, Kate Middleton and Prince William had a great time with their dads.

On their Instagram Kensingtonroyal account, they shared photos of their fathers. “Happy Father’s Day,” the caption reads. In the photo outside, Prince Charles, bursting out laughing, puts his head on the shoulder of his son, William.

A simple photograph taken by the Duchess of Cambridge in December 2019. Prince Harry’s brother would have liked to take a new photo with his father this Sunday. It would have been a great gift for the 38-year-old to be able to see his 71-year-old father. An absence that would have “upset” him, according to the Daily Mail.

“Charles and William have become much closer in recent years. In fact, someone who knows them very well has told me that William has changed his mind,” British monarchy specialist Katie Nicholl told the Daily Mail.

“Where the idea of becoming king one day overwhelmed him, he is now more than ready and has found common ground with his father. Their destiny is something that connects them now,” she said.

Kensington Palace does not forget Kate Middleton’s father for all that and shares a childhood photo in which young Catherine appears in the reassuring arms of her father, Michael Middleton. In her jeans and plaid shirt, the little girl protected by her father shows a bright smile.



Jealous grandfathers?

At that time, there was no reason to think that his daughter would become Duchess of Cambridge and mother of three. It was George, Charlotte and Louis who would have become a source of conflict and jealousy among the grandparents.

“Charles is convinced that the Middelons are getting more than their fair share of time with George and Charlotte,” a friend of Prince William’s explained to Katie Nicholl in 2016. So as not to offend Diana’s ex-husband, invitations had become rarer, although the Middelons would continue to be invited to come on holiday with them to Mosquito Island.

Photo credits : AGENCY / BESTIMAGE

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