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Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle “not friends but professionals”: This effort to which they agree


With their move to the United States, Harry and Meghan Markle put an end to the Fab Four. While the former actress continues to be “professional” by keeping in touch with Kate Middleton, Harry no longer has any contact with her brother William.

The Fab Four is over. Meghan Markle and Harry have decided to go their own way, unlike Kate Middleton and Prince William, who follow the rules of the monarchy without too much trouble, with a few exceptions. The Sussex family, now living in the United States, no longer work with Prince William and Kate Middleton since, among other things, they left the charitable foundation common to both couples, the Royal Foundation. An association created in 2009 by the two brothers.

And since the end of this collaboration, Harry and William no longer speak to each other, as the Mail Online indicates. “The atmosphere is much colder between the two husbands than their wives,” the publication says.

If Lady Diana’s sons can’t pretend, Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton have not cut off their ties, even though they are not “best friends”. “They’re professionals. They text each other,” says one source.

But the two women are also very different in the way they act. “Catherine tried to make peace between the two brothers by realizing the importance of their friendship to the family and the British monarchy. Attempts that have always ended in failure, while Meghan Markle seems to leave her husband to deal with his problems on his own.

It is now Mark Dyer, who played the role of “big brother” to William and Harry after the death of their mother, who would work to reconcile the two princes. “The task is enormous,” says the Daily Mail. The main goal of this guardian angel? To make Harry understand that his brother meant no harm to him or his wife.

A determination that would already be bearing fruit. “They realised what was at stake and that they were in danger of losing each other. They’re talking to each other now, but it’s going to take time to really bring them together,” the publication writes.

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