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Kate and William: These informal visios with Meghan and Harry


If some say that the discussions are non-existent between Princes William and Harry, others, on the contrary, say that the FabFour would still be well and truly in contact. According to the royal expert, Stewart Pearce, they would even organize visios together.

What is the relationship between Prince Harry and Prince William and their wives, Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton? For some experts, the two brothers are said to have been estranged for many months. As evidenced by their recent official appearance, where the two sons of Prince Charles appeared tense and not very complicit on the occasion of the unveiling of a statue in tribute to their mother Lady Di. The Duke of Cambridge would not forgive his brother his various media outbursts, including accusations of racism against the Royal family, which would have put him in a black anger. In addition, the future heir to the throne would have a hard time supporting his sister-in-law …

For other experts, on the contrary, the links are far from being broken between the two princes. Harry would try to get closer to his elder at any cost. According to the royal expert, Stewart Pearce, the two couples, separated by the ocean, would even be always in contact thanks to new technologies. Indeed, according to him, Kate Middleton and Prince William discuss “informally” with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry by video, ensuring that the Cambridges “respect” the new life of Sussex, according to The Express.

Princes William and Harry united in generosity

One thing is certain tensions are put aside when it comes to humanitarian actions. And the couple formed by Kate Middleton and Prince William has recently been very generous. The Royal Foundation of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge has made a grant of nearly 650,000 euros to the foundation of the Invictus Games, a multi-sport competition for wounded and disabled soldiers and veterans of war created by Prince Harry, according to the Daily Mail. A very generous donation that proves that the two brothers know how to put their differences aside for a good cause. For their part, the Sussexes made a donation through their foundation Archewell to help Haiti, which experienced a devastating earthquake.

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  1. I don’t think that the brothers are as close as they once were. Miss markel has made sure that they are not. She’s uprooted Prince Harry from the Royal Family. She’s the one who has caused all the tension between the brothers. He didn’t even go see his grandfather while he was alive, but he can jet off to play polo? He’s changed and he’s hurting his family. Yes I blame markel, if he had married a nice English gir none of this would have happened. But because of the children, she has Harry where she wants him.

  2. Also I have a question, with all that miss markel has said, why doesn’t anyone see that she’s claiming to have gone through the exact same things that Princess Diana wrote in her book. The Only thing that is different is that markel pulled the race card. Think about it…
    Treated unfair
    Depressed and so forth…


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