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Juan Carlos’ ex-mistress compares to Meghan Markle


In an interview with The Telegraph, Corinna Larsen, Juan Carlos’ former mistress, compares the harassment she suffered to the harassment experienced by Meghan Markle since the beginning of her relationship with Prince Harry.

Are some comparisons worth making? This is a question that Corinna Larsen could ask herself. The former mistress of Juan Carlos has been making headlines ever since the exile of the former sovereign of Spain to Abu Dhabi.

The Danish businesswoman revealed, among other things, Juan Carlos’ (rejected) marriage proposal, but also the harassment she had suffered because of the Spanish royal family. “This meticulously organized campaign of leaks, of disinformation, was a nightmare.

My reputation collapsed overnight, the media vilified me,” she recalled to Paris Match last September. A harassment that she now compares to that experienced by Wallis Simpson, the wife of former King Edward VIII, but also by Meghan Markle.

In an interview given to the British newspaper The Telegraph, Corinna Larsen draws a parallel between her and the media coverage the Duchess of Sussex has received since the beginning of her relationship with Prince Harry.

“There’s this tendency that when people can’t control a powerful man, they destroy the object of his affection,” analyses Juan Carlos’ former mistress. “You can even see it with Meghan and Harry. Hostility always goes to the woman. The poor man (Prince Harry) is that helpless creature who has been horribly manipulated and it is the woman who has plunged the country into a huge crisis.”

An affair revealed in 2012

A comparison related to trauma. As a reminder, the revelation of the affair between Corinna Larsen and Juan Carlos, following the famous Botswana safari in April 2012, created a scandal in Spain and in the world. Indeed, the former Spanish monarch was (and still is) married to Queen Sofia of Spain.

According to the Danish businesswoman, this revelation was orchestrated at the time by the Spanish secret service. Even if King Juan Carlos hadn’t broken his hip, “the information about this trip would have leaked anyway,” she revealed to our colleagues at Paris Match. It is now through the media that Corinna Larsen intends to restore her coat of arms.

Photo credits : ITAR TASS / BESTIMAGE

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