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Jessica Mulroney is always in touch with Meghan Markle


Jessica Mulroney confirmed that she was still in contact with Meghan Markle in her Instagram story on December 5.

It seems that Meghan Markle and Jessica Mulroney are still very close. Indeed, the fashion designer explained in her Instagram story on December 5 that she had “had so much fun with my girlfriend that it hurt. God bless FaceTime”.

Last month, Mulroney told Page Six that she has been in regular contact with the Duchess of Sussex, who “calls her on FaceTime” often to “check up on me,” she said. The victim of a controversy last June, Jessica Mulroney has always maintained that Meghan Markle did not cut off contact with her, despite statements from people close to the Duchess of Sussex that she no longer intended to speak with her best friend.

Last September, the Canadian stylist explained her special relationship with Meghan Markle on her Instagram account: “Meghan and I are family. She is the nicest friend and has been watching me every day. The tabloid culture is atrocious. It creates lies and a hurtful scenario. Stop feeding on it”. A post that was most certainly intended to silence the rumors.

An unexpected polemic

A few months ago, Jessica Mulroney was in the midst of a lively controversy. Indeed, a Youtube channel accused her of being racist. As a reminder, on June 7, the black female influencer Sasha Exeter launched a general appeal to all influencers to mobilize for the #BlackLivesMatter movement, some time after the death of George Floyd, this African-American man who died asphyxiated under the knee of a white policeman, on May 25, in Minneapolis.

In a lengthy video posted June 10, Sasha Exeter explained that Jessica Mulroney did not respond to his call but sent him a message in which she threatened to smear her with her fashion blog partner brands. “Look, I’m not saying that Jess is racist, but here’s what I will say: she is very aware of her wealth, power and privileges ‘because of her skin color,” explained the Youtubeuse.

This passage caused a huge controversy afterwards and Jessica Mulroney lost her TV show. Learning the story, a source close to Prince Harry’s wife told the Daily Mail that Meghan Markle is “mortified to have been dragged into all this chaos” and that according to her, “Jessica is not a racist at all”.

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