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Is the Duchess of Sussex trying to reconnect with the Royal family?


For her first official photo since the Megxit, Meghan Markle wanted to pay a new tribute to Lady Di. Is the Duchess of Sussex trying to reconnect with the royal family?

It is an image that has long been awaited. After the Megxit and their move to Los Angeles, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had initially chosen discretion. Confined in a luxury villa with their little Archie, the Sussex family wanted to be forgotten.

But for several weeks now, they have been back in the limelight. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have multiplied the number of commented lyrics and widely criticized positions. After making it into Time magazine’s prestigious Top 100 Most Influential People ranking, the couple posed for a very special shot. In this black-and-white photo, the Sussex are accomplices, in love, Prince Harry looks at the lens while the Duchess wears a broad smile. And as often, the details have a particular importance…

Because for this official photo, Meghan Markle wanted to pay a new tribute to Lady Di. On her wrist, the Duchess of Sussex was wearing the gold Cartier Tank watch that the Princess of Hearts has worn at several events, including a visit to the Hindu temple Shri Swaminarayan Mandir in London and an engagement at the British Lung Foundation in 1997.

In showcasing this jewel, Prince Harry’s wife subtly emphasized her connection to this mother-in-law whom she never met, but she may also have sent a message to the royal family. Is the purpose of this photo shoot to reconcile the Crown and the Duchess? Because this particular watch in particular drags a heavy legacy behind it. After Lady Dy’s death, it was Prince William who recovered this jewel, while Prince Harry preferred to take one of his mother’s rings with him.

Meghan Markle : I have always coveted the Cartier watch

Before proposing to Kate Middleton, Prince William would have agreed to exchange Lady Diana’s two possessions with her brother. A few weeks before the Sussex announced their engagement in 2017, the Daily Express reported that the Duke was considering giving Lady Di’s French Cartier Tank to his future wife, knowing that she adored it.

Even before joining the royal family, the Duchess of Sussex had even given herself a two-tone version of the Tank, which sold for more than 23,000 euros. “I have always coveted the Cartier French Tank watch,” said the actress at the time in the columns of Hello.

When I found out that a third season of Suits had been confirmed – something very important for me at the time – I went crazy. And I bought the two-color version of this jewel, among other things. I had it engraved on the back, To MM From MM, and I intend to give it to my daughter one day.” Owner of a model, it is not her own watch that she wanted to wear for this photo session but her mother-in-law’s.

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