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Influential Meghan Markle: Mary from Denmark copies her dancer’s bun


On her instagram account, Mary from Denmark has posted a picture of herself with the same famous ballerina bun as Meghan Markle. Not to mention the casual pose, a pair of sunglasses hanging from the neckline of her denim shirt, just like the former Duchess of Sussex. A real inspiration.

Do the stars of the gotha spend their time influencing themselves? As two of her children headed back to school from post-confinement, Mary from Denmark shared the photo of this special back-to-school season on her instagram account. She took the opportunity to post a photo from a trip she took a few months ago, where her look seems to be totally inspired by Meghan Markle and her famous ballerina bun, which she had updated when she was pregnant with Archie.

In the photo, Mary from Denmark is wearing not only a ballerina bun, but also a casual shirt, the same style of dress Meghan Markle chose for Archie’s first birthday. But most importantly, Mary from Denmark appears with her sunglasses hanging in the neckline of her shirt, just like Meghan Markle



This is not the first time that similarities have appeared between the stars of the gotha. Both women share the same sure taste for fashion, especially pencil skirts. Meghan Markle is often copied by Sofia from Sweden also for her jewellery, and more generally, the crowned heads love the same brands and often wear the same outfits.


Photo credits : bestimage

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