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How did Harry and Meghan Markle experience Queen Elizabeth II’s poignant address?


It was from their Los Angeles residence, where they now live, that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry watched the historic speech of Queen Elizabeth II, which was addressed to the British for only the fourth time in 68 years of reign. A speech that particularly impressed the Sussex spouses.

Millions of Britons were waiting for this speech, and they were not disappointed. In nearly seven decades of reign, Queen Elizabeth II had so far only addressed the nation three times, but the exceptional health crisis in the country convinced the sovereign to speak, to reassure the population and convey a message of hope and resilience to its people. A hard-hitting speech that crossed the Atlantic, while Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, who have been living in Los Angeles for a few weeks, watched this historic moment on television attentively.

“They were very moved by the queen’s words,” a source close to the couple told Harper’s Bazaar. Then add: “They described the speech as a demonstration of experience and leadership, but also of warmth, calm and comfort.” No room for rancor, nor for bitterness for the Sussex couple, who, despite their official departure from the Crown on March 31, continue to follow the royal family closely. According to Harper’s Bazaar, Prince Harry even contacted his grandmother may before his much anticipated speech to “show him all his support”. Some are also convinced, Queen Elizabeth II would have subtly alluded to the Sussex during her speech …


If they have started a new chapter in their lives under the California sun, where they wish to raise their son, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are not yet at the end of their troubles. Criticized on all sides by those who have not yet digested the “Megxit”, collapsing under the bills since they decided to be financially independent, the Sussexes have not yet been able to enjoy the dolce vita of which they dream so much. And to believe the words of an American star on their arrival in Los Angeles, Harry and Meghan should rather expect to live a “real nightmare” …

Photo credits: Agence / Bestimage

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