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Here’s a side of Meghan Markle you’ve never seen before


It’s nothing new that events within the British royal family attract the eyes of the world. And one of the royal events that get the most public attention are royal weddings, especially when the spouse in question is an American citizen, who has even been married before. For these and other reasons, ever since it became known that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were engaged, everyone wanted to know more about the actress. And one of the best ways to understand a person better is to know their past. So let’s see what Meghan was like before she was a TV star and long before she became the Duchess of Sussex.

A close bond between father and daughter

We all know how much the relationship with parents can affect one’s life, for good or bad. Parents are an inspiration and also the best example we have as children.


Some people are closer to their father, mother or even another family member. In Meghan’s case, the figure that inspired her the most was her father. She grew up very close to Tom Markle. Some say that she started acting under his influence, as he had also worked in the film industry and had even received an Emmy Award for his work as a lighting director.

A close-knit family

In addition to a special relationship with her father, Meghan also had a close relationship with the rest of her family, which you can notice by looking at this picture. Some people don’t have that kind of relationship with their loved ones, and many wouldn’t even want it, but the fact is that the Markle family has always been close-knit.

This strong relationship with her siblings and parents involved a lot of love, affinity and, of course, a sense of protection and concern. It’s no wonder that when Meghan began to receive so much media attention because of her relationship with Prince Harry, her family became concerned about her. After all, it’s not every day that a prince comes into someone’s life, is it?

Changing the world at a young age

We all know that fighting for our ideals is extremely important. However, it is common to think that taking action is complicated. Often, one small action can change everything. And no matter how old you are or how little influence you have, you just have to have faith in your principles.

That’s exactly the case with Meghan. From a young age, she had strong convictions and wasn’t afraid to express them. She once wrote a letter of complaint about a sexist phrase in a Proctor & Gamble cleaning product ad. Even though she was young, her letter was taken seriously, and the ad was changed! This photo was taken during an interview with Linda Ellerbee of Nick News about her letter.

A beautiful prom queen

A phase that everyone goes through, a stage of life full of ups and downs, full of new experiences and surprises: high school. Making friends, discovering affinities and… going to prom! Meghan Markle has experienced all of this as well.

Meghan attended Immaculate High School, an all-girls school where the boys could accompany the ladies to the homecoming dance. And it was at a prom that Meghan got her first taste of royalty: she was crowned prom queen. Who would have thought that one day she would become a real princess!

A happy child

The stereotype of a perfectly happy family is one with a father and mother who have been married for decades. That may be fine, but the opposite doesn’t mean that a good family relationship is doomed to failure either.

Meghan’s family has always been very close, even though her parents divorced when she was six. Her father remained so devoted to the family that after winning $750,000 in the lottery, he was more than happy to use that money to provide an excellent education for his children, including, of course, Meghan.

Baby Meghan with her half-sister

Many half-siblings are as close or closer than siblings of the same father and mother, while others are not close at all. Meghan has a half-sister, Samantha, from her father’s previous marriage, and the case of both is not the first description.

Samantha is 17 years older than Meghan, a considerable difference. The two have never been very close, which the age difference may also have contributed to. Time has passed and their situation has not changed: the two are still very distant from each other. Despite their not so close relationship, it is believed that Samantha is working on a book about Meghan called “The Diary of Princess Pushy’s Sister”.

Exposed to examples of charity

For many people, the concept of a good education changes. Every parent has their own notion of priority when it comes to passing on life’s core values to their children. Meghan’s mother, for example, thought charity was one of those priorities.

As a young girl, Meghan’s mother would take her to hospices to visit patients and bring them meals. She also taught her to give food to the less fortunate at Thanksgiving. And looking at this photo, you can see how happy Meghan was to help. No wonder she’s still so charitable today! Never underestimate the power of example…

Never too far away

When a relationship is well nurtured from a young age, that bond becomes unbreakable. A family may be separated at some point in its life, but if they have built a strong relationship, the distance is only a detail.

This is exactly the case with Meghan and her parents. Even though her father currently lives in Baja, California, the bond between them remains as strong as when they all lived together, so much so that the announcement of Meghan’s engagement to Harry was a cause of extreme joy for both her parents. Sometimes a little bit of missing is very healthy.

Not always so glamorous

Now accustomed to the spotlight because of her acting career and her engagement to Prince Harry, Meghan has not always had that glamorous side we know. Just look at the photo below to see for yourself.

Here we see how normal Meghan’s childhood was, often going out with her family and friends. Here she looks like a common girl enjoying popcorn at the zoo or a wildlife park. Her clothes do not indicate that she would be destined to meet a prince one day.

Student Time

College is an important stage in many people’s lives, and this is especially true in the United States. Although the educational system is very expensive in the country and not everyone can afford it, Meghan also went through this characteristic phase often shown in American movies.

Meghan attended Northwest University and graduated in 2003. She is a double major in Theatre and International Studies and was a member of the Kappa Gamma sorority. She was always very involved in her school and really enjoyed the theater programs. She was, one would say, destined for a career in the field.

She received a lot of praise from her friends

Harry’s future wife had many friends throughout her youth and she was always well liked because she knew how to make those around her smile. Isn’t the picture below the proof?

Meghan’s high school friends raved about her every chance they got. Some even spoke to People magazine, saying she was a role model for other girls and inspired other students with her tenacity and can-do attitude.

An incredible mother-daughter relationship

We mentioned that Meghan had always been very close to her father. However, that didn’t stop her from developing a strong relationship with her mother and spending many quality moments with her.

Meghan and her mother Doria are extremely close. So much so that even though the public only learned about Harry’s engagement a few weeks after he proposed, his mother knew about it from the beginning. Apparently, Harry asked his mother’s permission before he proposed.

Loved by everyone she met

Meghan was loved by everyone she met, whether it was in her everyday life or during her college years. Just take a look at the following photo to see that.

The picture shows her at a meeting or party, surrounded by her sorority sisters. We don’t know if they are all smiling because of her, but it is obvious that the mood was joyful. Even her teachers had nothing but good things to say about her.

An activist at heart

Meghan had always been very involved in the issues that mattered to her and continued to voice her opinion during her student years.

Just as she did as a child, Meghan spoke out in university about gender equality and women’s rights. She also emphasized the need to be considerate of all people, especially people of color and biracial minorities.

Visiting your future home without even knowing it

Many people believe that we all have a destiny, while others believe in luck, chance or coincidence. Regardless of your opinion on the subject, some events leave a lot of room for reflection on the future. Meghan had also found herself in one of these situations.

When she was 15, she went on a tour of Europe with a friend, including a visit to Buckingham Palace in England. She was closer than ever to her future royal husband! Little did she know that she would be part of this royal family many years later. Incredible, isn’t it?

Spending time with your half-brother

Whether or not you are closer to a family member is a matter of affinity. Some half-siblings, for example, may have as much or more affinity than siblings from the same father and mother. It all depends on their life experiences. This is also true for Meghan.

In addition to having a half-sister, she also has a half-brother named Tom Jr. Being two siblings together, they spent a lot of time together while growing up and that friendship continues to this day, as the two still have a good relationship. And the proud brother, naturally was also very happy to hear about Meghan’s engagement to Harry.

Daddy’s daughter

One thing everyone knows is that even in the best, most close-knit families, there are conflicts. But conflicts are important for the development of individuals and the strengthening of relationships. And that’s what had already happened between Meghan and her father.

Meghan has always been a daddy’s girl, but at the age of 18, they apparently went through a bad patch and even had a big fight. With a lot of dialogue and patience, thank goodness, they managed to work things out. And most importantly, the duo is now closer than ever, strengthened by the process of disagreement and reconciliation. See how beautiful they are together!

Love for the arts from an early age

Children can express their preferences, affinities and special skills at a very young age. Often, when we watch a child sing a song, draw a picture or write a script, we say, “That’s a born talent! “Just as Meghan was with acting.

Meghan loved acting from a young age and loved being on stage. This photo was taken during one of her school’s shows where she outdid herself in terms of performance. It is no coincidence that she kept her passion for acting into adulthood and with a lot of hard work and perseverance, she became a talented and accomplished actress. This shows how important it is to invest in talent.

The age of the small screen

In any field of life, reaching the top takes a lot of effort. You have to start at the bottom to get to the top. In the job market, for example, this is a big reality, and Meghan was no exception.

Prior to her big break in 2011, when she was cast as Rachel Adams on the hit series Suits, Meghan was a valet on the game show Deal Or No Deal. She told Esquire that she did this kind of work to earn money while auditioning for bigger roles. She managed to focus her efforts strategically to achieve even bigger goals, and look where she is now.

Acting in college

Acting had always been one of Meghan’s greatest passions, and although she didn’t have as much time as she used to, college didn’t stop her from continuing to practice her craft.

While in college, Meghan continued to perform in theatrical productions. In this one, she played Sleeping Beauty and we can’t help but think she looks perfect for the role. All of these opportunities to do theater in college gave her the experience she needed to achieve success.

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  1. So if they were that close as a family and the dad did almost everything for them why did she cut her Family off and especially her Dad?
    Whatever happened to gratitude? One only gets one Mama and Papa and once they pass away that it.😭I lost my Mama a little over a year ago and it is so final, there is no take two! Love more than you are offended, give like tonight is your last, forgive as if you were never hurt!

  2. Meghan is a super star. She deserves to be honoured. She was always loved by real people.
    But out of jealousy the royal family and the British tabloids wanted to destroy her to bring her down but she acted so fast to leave the royal family. I’ll always love Meghan Markle .
    She’s a role model to many across the globe.

    • A role model for what? She lied in her little interview with Optah, she alienated her family, which is disgraceful. She sips all of her so called friends when they say or do something she doesn’t like. And now she has orchestrated the alienation of her husband’s family, who want nothing to do with her or Harry. And she’s done this in three short years.

  3. It seems she (they) did cut off her family (other than her mother), but the family also seem to have wanted fame and made some pretty sad comments to the press, so at a time like that, she needed to distance herself.
    Yes, hopefully she can mend those fences (maybe already now that things are more private) she already is beginning to, I hope so.
    We are on the outside and DO NOT KNOW all that went on behind the scenes. Who are we to judge? What I DO know is that Megan (and Harry) are humans, like us they sometimes make mistakes, and sometimes they take actions for which they (or anyone else) cannot predict the consequences.
    As for lying in her Oprah interview, how can we say it is a lie? Harry backed it up. All things that one does are loooked at by themselves and by those around them through each person’s filter. In other words, if you were to bully me, I would likely shrug it off since I had older siblings who did that when I was young, but if you bullied someone else they might be hurt. So through my filter it would not seem like a big deal, but through the eyes of another it may seem terrible.
    Let us wish Meghan and Harry well and try not to judge them, just as we ourselves wish not to be judged by others, but understood, or at least given the benefit of the doubt. Let’s also remember the good they are doing with their charities and good works. They may not be perfect, but neither are we (yes, including myself!).

  4. A picture doesn’t tell a story she mostly grew up with her mother but she spend time with both her parents as they were divorced. The family on her father’s side as in her half sister and brother she did not know much mostly the time she saw them was quite a long time ago and that is from her herself you cannot do research when it comes to this things and claim that is fact she lived her life so she knows but she was always close with her father that was clear in the interview and the letter plus even before she met Prince she spoke about him. Before she met Prince Harry she would talk about her mother and father but not half siblings because she doesn’t know them like that and i bet they spent most time with their mother anyways. Samantha mother doesn’t say nice things about Samantha and says she was never there and she doesn’t treat her daughter right and her daughter said it herself and the brother is quiet now but she is simply not close to them that happens when you have half siblings and you are an only child from both your parents there is a time you know your half siblings but if their life is not togethet you get to stop seeing much of them. She was close to her father but her mother was always there too she even took care of her grandmother from her mother’s side and she knew morw of the family on her mother’s side and they seem to be very quite and private although some passed away i could not track down based on research the others. We all have those estranged and very distant family members. Meghan sister even once acknowledged that they haven’t spoken in a long time expect when the father got ill and i dont know how true that is but she acknowledges that they are not close or did not grow up together although once upon a time they knew each other or simply saw eachother but she also mentions the pictures but you cannot force someone and then treat them badly because they made these young woman’s life more difficult then it already was, trying to fit into royal life and then family who haven’t seen in a long time except her father were creeping out of the cupboards yet non of her mother’s distant relatives who she probably also never knew creeped oit the cupboards she was doimg fine before but when she marries a prince that is when they decide to make themselves known. There are family members who are just blood related in some way but you don’t know much about or aren’t close to like Kate Middleton’s uncle who they seem to only go to when they want to bash Meghan but he too is estranged and that is okay. Her father though is a different story he really hurt her and contributed to her tears she even mentiined how that made her so emotional leading up to the wedding but healing is up to her and she has to decide because it’s her feelings that wers hurt she can forgive too but forgetting however because he was talking to the same people or press that were abusing her racially as in the newspaper who took the pictures with him wrote a few articles with racist undertones and he was also talking to piers and just after she revealed she had a miscarriage to make other woman feel as though they are not alone he went on tv not even then did he say okay as much as we are in communication let me give it time because she needs time his duaghter did nothing wrong to him but he hurt her so much and as parent now for her son alot will be on ber mind.


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