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Harry’s father, stuck between the Queen and William and Kate: He won’t give up his destiny


While it is becoming increasingly clear that Elizabeth II is not ready to relinquish her throne, Charles, who will celebrate his 72nd birthday this Saturday, November 14, has no intention of giving up his destiny for the benefit of William and Kate, warned historian Robert Lacey in Good Morning Britain.

He has been waiting for this day since his childhood. And yet, some hope to see Prince Charles relinquish the throne in favor of his son, William. But historian Robert Lacey, who expressed his doubts in the Daily Mail’s Good Morning Britain, doesn’t believe this.

“I don’t think he’ll give up the fate he’s been waiting for so long,” said the specialist who recently acted as a consultant for the fourth season of The Crown, which airs on Netflix on Sunday 15 November and will look at the marriage of the Prince of Wales and Diana.

If William and Kate, very “popular”, are the darlings of the British people, Charles, who, according to Diana herself, was “not fit to be king”, seems to be getting more and more popular, replacing the queen more and more often during official events.

Charles, ready to make many sacrifices to ascend the throne

Although the husband of Camilla Parker-Bowles has been forced to represent Elizabeth II on numerous occasions since the beginning of the Covid-19 epidemic, he is well aware of the sacrifices he will have to make before ascending to the throne. Subjected to a certain amount of reserve, the current heir will have no choice but to renounce his fight for the preservation of the environment, a struggle he has been waging for several decades now.

But that’s not all! Charles, who wants to reduce the lifestyle of certain members of the family, knows that he is facing major friction, he who is already upset by the departure of his beloved son, Harry. A difficult task for which the Prince of Wales has had a lifetime to prepare.

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