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Harry and William : The Two Brothers Talk To Each other again regularly


It’s time for reconciliation, according to a source quoted in the Sun, Princes Harry and William are finally talking to each other again in video calls.

Ever since the Megxit, they’ve been denying it all they wanted, but they’ve been told they were in a rut. But, good news, between Princes Harry and William, it would be time for reconciliation, if we consider that there has been real anger. Diana’s sons would talk together again regularly.

This allowed the Cambridge and Sussex to be more generous than ever during the confinement. The application of videoconferencing would also have contributed to bringing the two brothers closer together.

“William finds videoconferencing a good informal way to stay in touch,” a source told the Sun on Tuesday, June 16, before revealing that the Duke of Cambridge has a little ritual to ensure that his calls with his brother are made at the most convenient time when there are thousands of miles and a significant time difference between them.

“After the kids went to bed and had dinner with Kate, it was just William and Harry, it was around noon in Los Angeles,” the source told the tabloid. So the two of them were able to switch.

“William is very concerned about keeping calls discreet and casual. Only the two brothers are in conversation. No one else is involved. It takes the pressure off,” said the Sun informant, who said the calls were made by Prince William from Amner’s private room, a room other than the one he and Kate Middleton use for their public video conferences.

Princes William and Harry at a polo match in July 2019.


Videoconference with the Queen

These video calls would therefore be made in private, in complete privacy, while some people are talking about the possible return of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to the United Kingdom, as the agreement signed with the Queen last January was for a one-year transition period. Nothing would therefore be completely settled in the long term since the conditions would have to be re-discussed with a view to a final agreement. According to the Sun, Prince Harry recently spoke in a video conference with Queen Elizabeth II.

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