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Harry and William: reconciliation in the air between the two princes


Scrambled for months, Princes Harry and William would have decided to take a step towards reconciliation. The two brothers would have put an end to months of total silence after the birthday of Meghan Markle’s husband.

Will the two brothers take the path of appeasement? While the relationship of Princes Harry and William has been tarnished for many months, and their relationship is said to be at a standstill, time may have played in their favor.

Scrambled since Meghan Markle arrived in the life of the Duke of Sussex, separated by thousands of miles from the Megxit, they have nevertheless decided to calm the game. After Prince Harry’s birthday, the two brothers would have started talking again, as expert Katie Nicholls explained to Entertainment Tonight.

Even though the princes won’t be spending a “nice Christmas” together tomorrow evening, they are “getting along better”. “The brothers talked on Harry’s birthday, it’s no secret that it’s been a difficult journey between the two brothers,” the Crown expert continued in an interview with the American magazine.

According to the observer, the distance between Princes Harry and William “has been a good thing for them”. Scrambled when they were both in England, it was necessary for the Sussex to move across the Atlantic for the dialogue to begin again between them.

A long work for the dukes, who had stopped talking to each other several months ago. As the authors of Finding Freedom revealed, their once total complicity deteriorated when Prince Harry met Meghan Markle in 2017 and Prince William asked him to slow things down and “take his time”.

After the Megxit was announced, the brothers did not speak to each other for several weeks. “William is so tired. Seeing Harry sever ties with virtually every aspect of his life and identity is so hard to understand. It breaks William’s heart,” a source told Us Weekly, adding that the two brothers would “need space and time to breathe.


Netflix contract in question?

And while reconciliation seems possible, we shouldn’t be too quick to claim victory. In spite of their rapprochement, Prince William is still upset with his younger brother, in particular because of the juicy contract he signed with Netflix.

The reason? The platform projects, which will take a close interest in the life of their mother, Lady Di. And in particular a documentary that Prince Harry would like to dedicate to her. “If he gets the green light from Netflix, his brother will be informed, but the members of the palace fear that this will amplify the tensions between them,” regretted one source.

And nothing is decided yet, since Prince Harry’s new partner will also recount memories that the Duke of Cambridge would like to forget in the next season of The Crown. According to the Sun, this series that Elizabeth II loves does not intend to hide the eating disorders that the Princess of Hearts suffered. For example, the actress Emma Corrin will be filmed “stuffing herself with food before vomiting in the toilet”.

William and other members of the royal family are uncomfortable with this period,” said one source. They are furious.” To Prince William, this strongly resembles betrayal by his younger brother. “Harry is now in partnership with the company that broadcasts it,” the source continued.

This is the latest in a long series of hot spots between the brothers, but there are few topics more sensitive than the fate of their mother.” While members of the royal family “didn’t expect the writers to hide something that is in the public domain,” they still regret that “one of their own is making money from the profits of a series like this. For both Harry and William, the road to reconciliation is still long.

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