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Harry and Meghan under the Queen’s watch? The Duke is warned


As Meghan Markle and Prince Harry grope their way through their post-Megxit lives, Queen Elizabeth watches them closely. Their every move is being watched at Buckingham.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have broken the strict rules of the royal monarchy, but are not free from the gaze of Queen Elizabeth. In an interview published this Friday, June 26 on Entertainment Tonight’s Youtube channel, royal biographer Katie Nicholl revealed that Queen Elizabeth is “keeping a close eye” on her grandson. Not only to make sure they behave properly, but also to find out how to deal with this situation, should it happen again.

“We are watching Harry and Meghan as they do something that has never been done before,” said the journalist, a columnist for the American Vanity Fair. I think in this case the palace is watching them and waiting to see what they’re going to do. And they’re going to watch them, yes. They’re going to be watching them closely.”

A veto on their plans?

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, in their California villa, have not fully recovered their freedom. While they’ve been trying since they left the royal family in January to launch their new projects, Queen Elizabeth is not afraid to put a spanner in the works. She has banned them from using the name Royal Sussex, which they wanted to register as a trademark.

Their next project, as they try to launch their foundation, will be subject to the monarch’s approval, whether they like it or not. “A wind of trepidation is blowing as the couple set out independently of the royal family.

They are testing the waters, but if they ever make money through their royal connections or through over-commercialization, they will receive an incisive response from the palace,” says Katie Nicholl. That’s enough to put pressure on the couple.

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