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Harry and Meghan, The real face of the rebellious couple deciphered by BFM TV


This Monday, June 15, BFMTV broadcasts a documentary called Harry and Meghan, franking them at 8:50 pm. A long format that deciphers the true face of the rebellious couple, and the multiple adventures that led to the Megxit.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have decided to turn their backs on the British royal family. A shattering start that shook the British crown. The Sussex are playing themselves off against the rest of the world. A rebellious couple, deciphered by BFM TV in a documentary called Harry and Meghan, the freedmen, which will be broadcast this Monday 15 June at 8.50 pm.

Isabelle Quintard, Yves Courant and Franck Zalher expose the backstage of this announced break-up with the help of many royal journalists, not frankly pro-Meghan.

Prince Harry, whose image of the fragile young boy accompanying his mother’s coffin at the age of only 12 is in everyone’s memory, has been collecting antics throughout his adolescence. It was thought that he had found peace in the army, but “the Meghan whirlwind” seems to have taken everything in its path.

As soon as they met, the royal codes were shattered. The couple is very demonstrative in front of the cameras, and evokes their engagement at a roast chicken party. Never before seen.

Multiple breaches of protocol

And pretty soon the story’s gonna get out of control. No matter how much Prince William warns his younger brother, Harry will marry Meghan Markle. The brothers, who no longer have much in common, drift apart…

The Sussex couple move from Kensington Palace to Frogmore Cottage, and make the taxpayers pay for the renovations, “a fundamental mistake”… Their fortune was more than enough to cover the costs.

The breaches of protocol multiply: Meghan Markle closes her door herself at an official party, manages as she sees fit the communication around the birth of her son Archie, revealing the face of the Queen’s grandson, only one week after his birth. Meghan Markle dares to say no to an invitation to Balmoral by the Queen in the summer of 2019.

The break-up is consummated at Christmas, when no photo appears on Elizabeth II’s desk when she sends her greetings to the British. Meghan Markle and Harry announce their departure from the royal family and flee to Los Angeles. The documentary leaves the couple in the City of Angels, where Prince Harry appears more alone than ever…


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