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Harry and Meghan, now tenants of Elizabeth II


By reimbursing the cost of renovating Frogmore Cottage, Meghan and Harry thought they no longer owed anything to the Royal Family, except that Queen Elizabeth II was asking them for rent if they wanted the house to remain their English pied-à-terre.

Surprise! Meghan Markle and Prince Harry fully repaid the cost of the renovation of Frogmore Cottage, more than 2.4 million pounds sterling (2.7 million euros). Indeed, the couple had asked for work before moving there in April 2019, but the fact that they left their royal duties nine months later caused a real outcry. The English, but also the Queen, asked Archie’s parents to reimburse the cost of these renovations, paid for by the taxpayer, and they agreed.

A few days after signing an important contract with the Netflix platform, those who had just bought a magnificent villa in Santa Barbara paid everything back but they will continue to pay rent. According to DailyMail reporter Rebecca English, Meghan and Harry announced that Frogmore Cottage would remain their English home, but to do so, Queen Elizabeth II asked that they pay rent every month, the amount remaining secret.



Money, an angry subject

The journalist reports confidences from sources close to the couple, who no longer want to rely on money from the royal family. “They no longer want to ask Prince Charles for money and want to be financially independent,” it is noted. Willingness to owe nothing to anyone and to avoid money being a reason for blackmail? According to the DailyMail information, this repayment was a real surprise for the members of the Firm and it really shows Harry’s desire for emancipation. “The sovereign grant has always been a sore point for Harry who felt that money was a way for his own family to control him,” a source concluded.

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