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Harry and Meghan Markle further away from the royal family: this intriguing photo


As tensions were already running high between Sussex and the rest of the royal family, a photo published by Buckingham for the year-end celebrations set the dust settling, reveals historian Robert Lacey, quoted in The Mirror.

Every year, Elizabeth II makes it a point of honor to reunite her family in Sandringham for Christmas. But last year, things didn’t go as planned. Meghan and Harry, already at war with William and Kate, preferred to celebrate the holiday season thousands of miles from London, Canada.

But while the situation was already very tense, a photo published by the royal family set the situation ablaze, reveals historian Robert Lacey, author of the book Battle Of Brothers, quoted by our colleagues in the Mirror.

The photograph in question, which depicts Elizabeth II accompanied by her three direct heirs, namely, Princes Charles, William and George, is said to be the idea of the Prince of Wales, who wanted to promote the future of the monarchy and not the “reserve” heirs.

An idea supported “enthusiastically by Prince William, who may have wished to send a message to his brother”. According to the historian, Meghan and Harry were hurt to have been left out of this family photo.

Windsor’s desire to look ahead… and forget Meghan and Harry?

If the quarrel between William and Harry is not new, this cliché only reminded the Duke of Sussex of his place as eternal second behind his elder, destined to ascend the throne. Asked by the tabloid, Chris Ship, ITV’s royal commentator, recalled the Windsor’s new directive.

“I’m not saying that they rejected Meghan and Harry because the fact is, however brutal, that Harry was never among the direct heirs to the throne,” he said, before concluding: “But at the beginning of this decade it seems that the royal family has as it were wished to focus on the future – namely, the Queen and her three heirs. Atmosphere…

Photo credits: Vantage News / Bestimage

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