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Hard to be a princess: Like Meghan Markle, their fairy tale turned to drama


In front of Oprah Winfrey, Meghan Markle emptied her bag and settled her accounts with the Firm. A quick fairy tale for the Duchess of Sussex that turned into a nightmare. Like her, other princesses have experienced many mishaps after marrying their Prince Charming …

Disillusionment. During an explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey, Meghan Markle wanted to tell her truth. Campaign of denigration, suspicions of racism, lack of support, the Duchess of Sussex did not mince her words and said everything she had on her heart. Exiled to the United States with her husband, Prince Harry, her fairy tale was short-lived. Like her, several princesses have been disappointed.

This is the case of Meghan Markle’s mother-in-law, Princess Lady Diana. Madly in love with Prince Charles, fed with Barbara Cartland’s rosewater novels, the young woman believed in fairy tales, but she quickly became disillusioned after the failure of her marriage.

Thwarted love stories

Princess Margaret, the sister of Elizabeth II, was also unhappy in love, forced to make a cross on the man she loved. In Monaco, Grace Kelly had to give up her Hollywood dreams to serve the Rock, before a tragic death in 1982.

Her daughter Stephanie, Princess of Monaco, suffered a terrible disillusionment after marrying the man who had managed to seduce her, Daniel Ducruet. Not to mention the flight to Germany and then to the United Kingdom of Haya of Jordan. So many destinies marked by drama and hardship.

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