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Elizabeth II this behavior which she prefers as Prince William rather than Prince Harry


Close to Princes William and Harry, Elizabeth II would feel more in tune with the eldest son of Prince Charles. Indeed, the Queen of England is very proud of the behavior of Kate Middleton’s husband, unlike that of her younger brother…

After the death of Lady Diana, Elizabeth II became very close to her grandsons, Princes William and Harry. If the Queen of England has a privileged relationship with the latter, she prefers the behavior of the eldest son of Prince Charles.

According to sources in Us Weekly magazine, Elizabeth II appreciates the absence of drama and scandal surrounding the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, in contrast to the controversy that has surrounded Prince Harry and Meghan Markle since their departure to the United States. Elizabeth II thus became closer to Prince William.

One source stated: “Queen Elizabeth allows Prince William and Prince Charles to be more active in the major decisions and changes that need to be made in order to build a stronger monarchy. The Queen is determined in her own way, but over the years she has learned to be more open-minded and takes a great interest in hearing what they have to say, especially William, who is linked to the next generation.”

The magazine source also revealed that the relationship between Elizabeth II and Kate Middleton had blossomed in recent months: “Kate went out of her way to impress the Queen and it paid off. Although their relationship remains formal, there is mutual respect between the two parties.

Queen Elizabeth finds it refreshing that there is never any drama or scandal surrounding Kate and William.” While Prince Charles is second in the order of succession to the British throne, Prince Philip’s wife looks forward to seeing her grandson wear the crown: “In her eyes, they are the perfect contenders for the position. She loves Kate. The Queen could not be prouder. She has told them repeatedly that they are doing a great job.”

A complicated relationship with Prince Harry

The relationship between Elizabeth II and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex has deteriorated somewhat since the couple officially resigned as active members of the Royal Family last March. Last week, Buckingham Palace reportedly refused Prince Harry’s request to lay a wreath on his behalf at the Royal Family memorial service. According to the Times, his request was refused on the grounds that the Duke of Sussex no longer represents the monarchy .

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