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Queen Elizabeth II’s Message Of Hope “Easter is not cancelled”:


Queen Elizabeth II has delivered a new message of hope. In an audio recording posted on her Instagram account this Saturday, April 11, she wishes Christians a Happy Easter and invites the British people to be positive.

Light to fight darkness. Six days after delivering a historic speech, Queen Elizabeth came out of her reserve again in an audio recording released on her Instagram account this Saturday, April 11. In it, she again delivers a message of hope, with Easter in mind. The religious feast reminds her of candles, which “unite us” during religious ceremonies or family celebrations.

At this special time for Christians, she wants to reassure Britons of all religions. “This year Easter will be different for many of us, but by staying apart we keep others safe. Nevertheless, Easter is not cancelled; we need it more than ever.” The monarch, confined with Prince Philip to Windsor Castle, continues the religious metaphor and advocates positivity: “The discovery of the risen Christ on the first day of Easter offered new hope and purpose to his followers, and we can learn from it.”

Elizabeth II, whose son, Charles, defeated the Covid-19, is fighting back: “We know that the coronavirus will not defeat us. As dark as death is – especially for those who mourn – light and life are greater. May the living flame of the paschal hope be a constant guide as we face the future. I wish those of all faiths and denominations a blessed Easter.” As Queen Elizabeth speaks, she leads the British into the light, while the crisis is still unfolding.



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