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Archie and Lilibet titles: They want to have one’s cake and eat it too


Accused of hypocrisy by the British press, the Sussexes are not unanimous since they decided to use the royal titles of Archie and Lilibet, even though they want to get away from the royal family, a toxic universe according to them. The Australian website “Honey”, also denounced this decision on March 11, 2023.

Unlike the Wessex couple, Edward and Sophie, who had chosen that their children wait until they reach the age of majority to decide whether or not to use their titles of prince and princess, the Sussexes have planned the opposite. Archie and Lilibet will now be officially referred to by their royal titles unless they decide otherwise themselves as adults, even though they live far from the Crown and no longer have an official role in the royal family. As the Australian website Honey points out, Harry and Meghan “want to have their cake and eat it too”.

The decision is indeed incomprehensible from the point of view of the Sussexes: they derive most of their income from audiovisual and literary projects based on the “nightmare” of being born or being a patch on the royal family, it seems completely illogical to want their children to continue to represent this institution. To their detractors, Harry and Meghan should instead have a desire for their children to move away from it.

The Sussexes are not the priority of the coronation organizers

If they have been invited to the coronation of King Charles III, there is no evidence that the Sussexes will be present, although some are already advancing. “The palace is ‘expecting’ Harry and Meghan at the coronation,” said Rebecca English of the Daily Mail, adding that “staff have been instructed to plan for their presence.” If their arrival is not 100% confirmed, these clues suggest that the Sussexes should indeed make the trip. But if the parents of Lilibet and Archie decide to attend the coronation, they will not dictate their rules in any way. “Harry and Meghan will have no control over how this event unfolds, the Firm will have total control over the ceremony,” royal expert and historian Ed Owens tells The Express, before adding, “If Harry and Meghan are present on the day, they will be minor figures on the sidelines of the event.” The Sussexes are asked to stay well in the back of Westminster Abbey.

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