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William moves a little further away from Harry: this project that accentuates their break-up


On October 8, Prince William launched the Earthshot Prize, an ambitious project that will be spread over the next ten years to fight the climate crisis. Supported by his father Prince Charles, the heir to the throne did not however make any reference to Prince Harry, yet very committed to this fight.

The project could have brought them closer together, but in the end it will only widen the gap between Princes William and Harry. This Thursday, October 8, the future heir to the throne is embarking on a very ambitious project to save the Planet, as reported by our colleagues in L’Express.

Prince Charles’ eldest son is launching the Earthshot Prize “the most ambitious and prestigious of its kind” according to the website, designed to encourage change and provide concrete solutions to the climate crisis.

A major project that Prince William has decided to launch on his own. At no time is there any mention of his younger brother. Concretely, five prizes of about one million euros will be awarded each year for the next ten years.

By 2030, the Duke of Cambridge hopes to find no less than fifty solutions and thus solve the world’s greatest environmental challenges. A major initiative that Prince Harry, who is also very concerned about the environment, would obviously have loved to join.


In close collaboration with his father, but not his brother

The prestigious Earthshot Award was born in the mind of the Duke of Cambridge during a trip to Namibia, Tanzania and Kenya in September 2018. Even then, tensions were already high between the two brothers and the arrival of Meghan Markle in the royal family two years earlier had only complicated matters.

Was Prince Harry aware of his elder brother’s big project? Making sure that the Nobel Prize Committee was not doing anything similar, Prince William discussed his project at length with his father, Prince Charles, who had been an ardent defender of the environment for many years, and the scientist Sir David Attenborough, before embarking on it.

His younger brother, now exiled thousands of miles away, is clearly excluded. In the end “Earthshot brought William closer to his father and only highlighted his differences with Harry,” says journalist Richard Palmer on Twitter. A hard blow for the Duke of Sussex now condemned to fight on his side, with, it must be said, much less visibility…

Photo credits : AGENCY / BESTIMAGE

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