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William and Kate Middleton must “restore the magic” of the royal family: the couple under pressure after the Megxit


Now that the Sussex have left the territory, all eyes are on the Cambridge. After a busy end of year in business threatening the Royal Family’s duty to set an example, Kate and William are given the task of re-enchanting the Crown. A delicate task to say the least.

They are the last of their generation to represent the Crown. Since the departure of Meghan and Harry, Kate and William have the heavy burden of camping out their roles as future monarchs after the reign of Charles, who will himself have to succeed a Queen Elizabeth II reluctant to hand over.

A status in the British royal family seems enviable to you? The last few months have rather proved that its members were under pressure: between the Andrew case which tarnishes the image of exemplarity expected for these representatives of the nation and the case of Harry against the tabloids which led to the Megxit, Buckingham Palace will have known some trying moments to say the least.

It is the duty of the Royal Highnesses not to commit any more odd mistakes and to fully assume their duties in order to re-enchant the Crown in a complicated context.

Joe Little, the editor of Majesty magazine, told The Telegraph his analysis of the situation: “Windsor House has been so overrun with weddings, babies and jubilees that William and Kate need to restore some of that magic.

He confirms that Kate Middleton is fully aware that the Megxit heralds a new beginning for her couple. And, since the announcement of the departure of the Sussex, the future Queen of England has not been idle: “The Duchess of Cambridge has discreetly prioritised her duty with increasing visibility”, our colleagues describe, before taking stock of the latest actions which are part of the Duchess’s news: “A recent tour of the United Kingdom to launch her historic investigation into early childhood, combined with well-received visits to Bradford and Mumbles, might at first glance give the impression that Kate is making a conscious effort to fill the void left by her brother-in-law and sister-in-law.

For Joe Little, Kate is indeed a key element in the restoration of the beautiful Briton: “There’s a mystique around Kate as there always has been around the Queen.”

As Meghan and Harry begin a new life of new rules, the Cambridge couple must, more than ever, prove their stature, strength and stability. The lustre of the Crown depends on them.

The Future Of The Crown On Their Shoulders

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