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William and Harry this long-awaited reconciliation


Between Princes William and Harry, the ties seem to be broken. The beautiful agreement long displayed by the two brothers is well and truly over: according to a royal biographer, their relationship can never be the same again.

Harry and William, two princes, two brothers, thought to be united forever. From the extramarital affairs of their parents splashed across the front pages of newspapers, to the tragic death of their mother Lady Diana in 1997, the duo, which was built in adversity, seemed unsinkable.

And yet, the two brothers, one promised to the throne and the other having to be content with playing second fiddle, have gradually distanced themselves from each other. The arrival of Meghan Markle in Prince Harry’s life in 2016, Prince William’s concern for him and Kate Middleton‘s defiance only fanned the already burning embers.

“I doubt they will ever go back to the way they were,” Royal biographer Ingrid Seward said in the Mirror Pod Save the Queen podcast, “I really don’t think so. I think it’s probably a broken relationship. For her, something bad would have to happen to the royal family for the two brothers to be reunited.

“I think if something happened to Kate or Meghan, the boys would be together again… If there was a terrible tragedy, it would bring them together, but otherwise I don’t think that relationship will be fixed,” Seward said. A very personal point of view, as she points out, but which shows how irreconcilable the two brothers seem today.

Unable to agree

Princes William and Harry no longer seem to be in contact. Prince William recently launched a major project to save the planet, without ever mentioning the name of his younger brother, who is very much involved in this cause.

The two brothers are unable to even agree on a statue in homage to their mother, which is supposed to be installed in the white garden of Kensington Palace. Queen Elizabeth II is helplessly watching this sad spectacle.


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