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Will Prince Harry become an American? This statement that sows doubt


In a video published by The Times in which he, along with Meghan Markle, encouraged Americans to vote, Prince Harry made a slightly ambiguous statement that seemed to indicate that he would consider taking American citizenship in the future.

Would Prince Harry be ready to take the plunge and become officially an American? In a video shot in the garden of their new Santa Barbara home and broadcast by Time, the Sussex couple wanted to send a message to Americans in the run-up to the next presidential election to encourage them to vote.

Prince Harry, who currently holds British nationality, said: “For this election, I will not be able to vote in the United States. And most of you may not know that I have never been able to vote in the United Kingdom in my life.

As we approach this election, it is vital that we reject hate speech, misinformation and negativity on the internet”. These remarks are considered very ambiguous and suggest that the Duke of Sussex could in the future apply for American citizenship, since he specifies that he will not be able to vote in the United States “for this election”.

If he were to take this radical decision, Prince Harry would definitively mark the already well consummated break with the British Crown, which never misses an opportunity to distance itself from the man who decided nine months ago to slam the door of the monarchy, tired of the pressures and harassment suffered by his wife. “The Duke is no longer an active member of the Royal Family and all his comments are made in a personal capacity,” Buckingham Palace recently stated in a statement .

A permanent installation in California?

Since he left the United Kingdom where he had always lived, Prince Harry has been the target of several attacks by the British media, who find it very difficult to put up with what they perceive as betrayal by an important member of the Crown.

Accused of being manipulated by Meghan Markle, the Duke of Sussex seems more fulfilled than ever, and is increasing the number of video-conferencing interventions in order to make his audience aware of the subjects that are important to him.

If no request for a green card has been made for the moment, Prince Harry could become an American citizen and vote in the 2024 presidential election if he remains resident on American soil for three years, since he is married to a citizen of the country.

Photo credits: ABC / BACKGRID UK via Bestimage /HelloMagazine

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