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Why is Prince Philip pissed off at Meghan Markle and Harry


Journalist Dan Wootton thinks that Prince Philip could reprimand Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, and ask his grandson “to stop being so ridiculous”.

Prince Philip, educated the hard way and very attached to his royal duty, had a bad experience when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle left the British Royal Family. Although he has been retired for three years, he does not hesitate to comment on the actions of his beloved grandson, in whom he recognized himself. Dan Wootton, editor of The Sun, thinks he would be the best person to give them a dressing-down.

As the Express website reported on Wednesday, July 8, the journalist who is not very fond of the Sussex people said in his talkRADIO programme: “If I could put someone on a plane and send them to that Hollywood villa, it would be Prince Philip.

He would come in and shake them up. He’d tell Prince Harry to stop being so ridiculous. He’d tell Meghan to stay out of things she doesn’t know about.”

“Deeply hurt.”

A wish that cannot be granted, given the health problems that the Duke of Edinburgh is experiencing at the age of 99. Prince Philip, “deeply wounded” by the Megxit, is unable to visit the couple and their little Archie, but gets regular news from them.

Queen Elizabeth, with whom he is confined to Windsor Castle, is one of the only royal personalities to maintain regular contact with them. To ensure that their plans are in keeping with their royal pedigree, but also to ease tensions within his family.

It remains to be seen whether, like her husband and Prince Charles, who throws in the towel after supporting them financially, she will let resentment take over.

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