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Why Harry and Meghan will never turn their backs on the Windsors for good


In January 2020, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle decided to retire from the British royal family. But the couple from Sussex did not permanently break ties with the Windsors. And for good reason.

Tired of being the targets of the press and misunderstood by the Windsors, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle left English soil in January 2020 to settle in the United States. In a statement, the couple from Sussex had made known that they were stepping back and wanted to be financially independent. This was followed by juicy contracts to finance their luxurious lifestyle in California, in their villa in Montecito. Spotify, Netflix, Penguin Random House, the Sussexes collaborate with the biggest. And they never stop monetizing their affiliation with the crown.

“For the longevity of their careers, Harry and Meghan must maintain a relationship with the royal family. If they don’t, they won’t have any more stories to tell. They won’t create the spark anymore,” points out Los Angeles-based royal correspondent Kinsey Schofield, “so maybe that means they have to say ‘I’m sorry,’ go back briefly and split their time between the two countries, which is what they originally planned to do. Their relationship with the royal family is non-negotiable for future financial opportunities.” So the couple from Sussex should definitely not cut ties with the Windsors. The coronation of Charles III on May 6 offers an opportunity for Prince Harry to return to the UK and reconnect with his clan. Before that, a crisis meeting could also be organized to ease tensions.

Charles III and William: their fear of Prince Harry

During the promotion of his book Spare, Prince Harry made it known that the ball was in the court of the Windsors. The Duke of Sussex also asked for an apology. Neither Charles III nor Prince William have spoken openly on the subject. But it is whispered behind the scenes that if the king wants to reach out to his younger son, despite repeated attacks, the heir to the throne would show much less leniency. However, all agree on one point: the fear of seeing their words disclosed by the troublemaker of the crown. And if Prince Harry had not finished with his great unpacking?

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  1. Sorry But I don’t want them back and I think you will find that I am not alone in this. Charles to protect Monarchy no matter what sleaze he has inherited, should at this time receive all our support we can give him

  2. It’s with regret that Harry has been so foolish he’s besotted by Meagan. I’m not sure that what has been said by them will ever be forgiven. He lost so much respect . As for Meagan I feel she’s used him and I wouldn’t want her back in England I’ve no respect for her at all she doesn’t deserve to be a Duchess and I certainly would not curtsy to her I can’t find it in my heart to forgive her evil ways. She has no love or respect for her own relatives apart from her mother I will never understand her I find her cold and calculating she’s told so many lies.


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