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Why does Prince Harry want The Crown series to end?


Two years ago, Prince Harry gave an interview to Angela Levin, a British Crown specialist. One of his reflections on The Crown series, which he did not like, left a lasting impression on her.

Prince Harry gets criticism every day. But those of Angela Levin, a British journalist, are more virulent than others. On the occasion of her book Harry, Conversations with the Prince, published in May 2018, the royal expert had not let go of him for a moment.

Between travels, royal duties and private interviews, she had immersed herself in the heart of his life. “I have three personalities,” he had confided to her. The army’s ego, the more intimate one of private time, and finally the one of royal and family duties. According to the specialist of the British crown, the third of them would be most detestable and contradictory.

On TalkRADIO, as reported by our colleagues in the Daily Mail, Angela Levin recalled an interview with Prince Harry. “When I met Harry at Kensington Palace, the first question he asked me was, ‘Are you looking at The Crown,'” she said. The series, available on the Netflix online streaming platform, looks back on the long and rich reign of Queen Elizabeth II.

After stammering, the reporter reportedly returned the question. To which he would have replied with the affirmation. “Yes, we monitor everything, absolutely everything. But I’m going to insist that this stops before they (Ed: the writers of The Crown) get to me.

” A reflection that contradicts his multimillion-pound agreement with Netflix, signed last March. This multi-year deal with the American giant would consist of producing “positive and inspiring” content. While Netflix has “ridiculed” the Crown, Angela Levin finds it hard to understand Prince Harry’s ambitions, which she describes as “unfair” and “impolite”.

A scenario off the mark

The television series about Her Majesty, The Crown, is a worldwide success. Viewers are fond of new anecdotes about Buckingham Palace, much to the chagrin of the Windsor people. In a message shared on Twitter, royal expert Emily Andrews expressed their annoyance.

“Too much is too much… It’s all about ‘trolling on a Hollywood budget’ and ‘presenting fiction as fact,’ according to their friends,” she wrote. Members of the royal family would no longer put up with “pernicious lies” and “false representations”. The specialist added that season 4 of the American-British show would be “riddled with factual errors”.

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