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What if Meghan Markle didn’t go with Harry for the holidays? The rumour swells


Having decided to lead a new life in the United States, far from the pressure of the Crown, Prince Harry is expected to return to England in the coming months. According to our US Weekly colleagues, the Duke of Sussex may travel alone, Meghan Markle probably preferring to avoid any annoyance with her in-laws …

The queen is waiting for him on foot. As our British colleagues recently reported, Prince Harry is reportedly preparing for his return to England. For the first time since the Megxit and his installation in his luxurious villa in Santa Barbara, the Duke of Sussex should take advantage of his stay to talk to his grandmother, Elizabeth II, who did not really appreciate his meddling in politics during his last public speeches.

It is one thing for the former American actress to block out Donald Trump, but has Harry forgotten that as a member of the royal family, it is not right to take a stand in political affairs? No doubt His Majesty will not fail to remind him of this during their interview?

Speaking of Meghan Markle, she may not be on the trip. According to a source who confided to US Weekly, “Frogmore Cottage has been prepared for the arrival of Harry’s holiday in December”. What about Meghan? Probably anxious to see the British royal family again, which she has banished a little since she left for the United States, the Duchess of Sussex would still hesitate to accompany her husband. “For the moment, Meghan is not sure to travel with Harry”, confided this same source to our colleagues. Suspicious…

Meghan Markle ready to make an effort for Christmas?

But while they had spent the previous Christmas holidays in Canada, the Sussex, who now lead a more than comfortable life in the United States, would still have considered travelling to England for Christmas.

“There’s a lot of tradition around the holidays with your family and they both really loved it in the past.” So will Meghan Markle change her mind? Will she go with him? Will she join him in England? So many unanswered questions that fuel the rumours…

While this decision will also depend on how the pandemic evolves, Prince Harry would very much like his son Archie to see his great-grandmother again, in the flesh. Zoom calls are welcome at this time, but nothing beats a real encounter.

“Harry is so close to his grandmother that he would love to take Archie back to London to see her again,” a source told US Weekly. So for the festive season, Meghan Markle seems ready to make an effort. But for the rest…

Photo credits : Agency / Bestimage

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