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This friend of Diana’s who is helping Prince Harry “Find his feet” in LA.


If Meghan Markle finds her bearings in her hometown of Los Angeles, Prince Harry struggles to do the same. Nevertheless, according to the British tabloid The Sun of this Saturday, June 13, the Duke of Sussex has found an ally to whom he can turn in case of difficulty. A Hollywood star and a friend of his mother’s, Lady Diana.

The American dream is not Prince Harry’s cup of tea. Since his resounding departure from the Firm, made official on 31 March 2020, the Duke of Sussex has been isolated from everyone in Los Angeles.

And unlike Meghan Markle, originally from the City of Angels, he is struggling to find his place and would even face regrets. “Without friends and without work” far from the Crown, the grandson of Her Majesty Elizabeth II is “adrift” according to several sources.

To console himself, the young father keeps in touch with his relatives and colleagues, still involved with the organizations he supports and in his patronage. But according to our British colleagues in the tabloid The Sun, another American actress, Liza Minnelli, a friend of his mother’s, Lady Diana, would help him “find his feet”.

Like his wife, the star of the film Cabaret is originally from Los Angeles. The Californian city and the paparazzi swarming there have no secrets for her. “Harry has sometimes found the transition from the UK to Los Angeles very difficult, and the confinement has not yet helped him settle in,” says a source close to Prince Harry in The Sun.

“Liza reached out because she was close to Diana and offered her support. She’s been dealing with the paparazzi for years and knows the game of fame,” said the informant. From mother to son, Liza Minnelli makes it a point of honour to lend her help. Meghan Markle is not displeased with this strong support. “Obviously, Meghan also comes from a theatrical background, so it was great for all three of them.”

Doria Ragland, another endorsement for Prince Harry…

Liza Minnelli crossed paths with Lady Diana for the first time backstage at one of her concerts. “I was lucky enough to have Princess Diana among my friends,” she confided. A complicity immortalized in a 1991 photograph in which the two women sat at a table in the Langham Hotel in London.

The star is not the only support of Prince Harry since Doria Ragland, little Archie’s unofficial nanny, does everything to make his son-in-law feel at home in Los Angeles. “Doria has her own apartments, and although some of Harry’s friends teased him about living with his mother-in-law, he has a brilliant relationship with her.”

Lady Diana and Liza Minnelli at the Langham Hotel in London in September 1991.


Photo credits : AGENCY / BESTIMAGE

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