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The Royal family did not warn Prince Harry of the death of Prince Philip


Based in California, 8 hours time difference from London, Prince Harry should have been woken up in the middle of the night by the police in Santa Barbara before the British embassy could warn him of the death of his grandfather on April 9, according to our source.

It is never easy to learn the death of his grandfather. But the brutality of the announcement can be multiplied, when you learn about it after being woken up by a police officer, knocking on your door. This is what would have happened to Prince Harry, according to our source, which relates how the Sussex learned of the death of the Duke of Edinburgh, on the night of April 9, 2021.

After the death of Prince Philip, which occurred in the morning of April 9 in London, the royal family, via the British Embassy in the United States, tries to warn Harry and Meghan, installed in Montecito, California, since their smashing exit from the Firm. But it was without counting the time difference of nearly eight hours between California and England. Police sources told our source that the embassy had started its calls at around 3 am. Without success.


Buckingham Palace does not confirm

After several unsuccessful attempts, the embassy decided to request police intervention. Thus the sheriff of the county of Santa Barbara ended up sending one of his officers. Not to transmit him directly the bad news, but to ask him to call back the embassy urgently. It is thus by an employee of the embassy, and not by a member of his family, that Prince Harry would have learned the death of his grandfather. The story does not say if the princely phone was cut, or if the Sussexes are heavy sleepers.

Buckingham Palace did not like that TMZ did not reveal the circumstances of this announcement, as reported by Hello Magazine this Friday, May 28. to the announcement of TMZ. A source from the palace reacted, without confirming or denying the truth of the facts: “Regardless of the truth or otherwise, we will not comment on this as it is a private and personal matter, which I do not think is in any way to interest the public. (…) The way one informs someone of the death of a loved one is not really suitable for conjecture or speculation. It’s private.”

Prince Philip’s death at age 99 came nearly a month after an interview Prince Harry and Meghan Markle did with Oprah Winfrey, which angered the royal family, and raised tensions between them a notch. In this interview, he spared his grandfather, whom he was very close … Could it be that these tensions are the reason why the royal family did not want to deliver the painful message in person? So he had made the trip to pay a last tribute to this figure of the royal family … without Meghan Markle, pregnant with their second child, and thus banned from flying.

Photo credits: AGENCY / BESTIMAGE

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