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The new life of Harry and Meghan Markle, A biographer throws a paving stone in the pond


According to the royal biographer Hugo Vickers, Prince Harry would be very unhappy with Meghan Markle. While the young prince claims to be fulfilled in his new life in Los Angeles, this is apparently far from being the case.

Would Prince Harry regret his marriage to Meghan Markle? At least that is what the royal biographer Hugo Vickers says. He spoke at the Raworths Harrogate Literature Festival and assured that William’s brother was “deeply unhappy” in his marriage to Meghan.

As reported by The Sun, the man felt that Harry “no doubt thought he had found himself a perfect, glamorous and unusual wife, especially since actresses can be very attractive. In this new life, he would have been lost.

Hugo Vickers recalled that Archie’s father had left his royal duties, moved to Los Angeles and got angry with his family. Before he married Meghan Markle, the young man got along with his family… “Now he lives in California, away from family, friends, work, the military and everything he loved,” he revealed. He added, “He looks deeply unhappy.

Has Harry become Morose?

This is not the first time such things have been said about Prince Harry. In January 2019, the British press wondered about the young man and how he had changed when he came into contact with Meghan. Royal expert Duncan Larcombe had argued that the young prince had become “rather moody and aloof with his staff” since his marriage. “He’s usually down to earth, he’s a normal man stuck in the world of royalty and he never used to take himself very seriously. But he does now,” he concluded. So, is Harry really unhappy?

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