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The marriages of the British Royal Family follow immutable customs that you certainly did not know.


The marriages of members of the British Royal Family must respect many prescribed traditions, rules and protocols formulated over the centuries of existence of the Royal House of Windsor. It has to be exactly that way because British monarchs are the bastion of traditionalism and marriage will be forever etched in history. We have decided to investigate the most important rules of royal marriage.

1. Obtain permission to marry

Les mariages de la famille royale britannique suivent des coutumes immuables que tu ne connaissais certainement pas


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According to the Crown Succession Act of 2013, the first six people on the succession list to the throne must obtain the Queen’s permission to marry. The marriage agreement between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, which is the sixth in line of succession, was granted by Elizabeth II on March 14. The consent was read and supported by a letter to the Privy Council, a group of sovereign advisors.

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