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The future Queen of the United Kingdom is inspired by Lady Di to raise her children


Every mother knows that raising a child is far from easy, and it’s even harder when you have two children. So imagine how complicated things get when you have three kids! For Kate Middleton, the future queen of the United Kingdom, things naturally seem simpler. Yeah, after all, she has people around to help her, right? However, because of her relatively modest origins, George, Charlotte and Louis’ mother chose to offer her children a more “classical” education, and for this reason, she decided to follow a precious model: that of her mother-in-law, Diana, who died in 1997.



Catherine Elizabeth Middleton, better known as Kate Middleton, became the Duchess of Cambridge when she married Prince William, grandson of the Queen of England, Elizabeth II. As you saw above, the couple had three children: George, Charlotte and Louis, and Kate would like them to lead as normal a life as possible, so she would like to prepare them to face the “real” world.


For example, the royal couple has been seen several times with their children in the stands of football matches. And we’re talking about ordinary bleachers, not VIP areas. They sat in the middle of the crowd, shouting and vibrating with them, while carrying their children in their arms. The goal is for their offspring to have as many experiences as possible similar to those of other English children.

After Charlotte’s birth, Kate said, “Becoming a mother was an incredible and rewarding experience. But sometimes it’s also a big challenge, even for me who have a lot of support at home, something that other mothers don’t necessarily have. Nothing can prepare you for the overwhelming experience of becoming a mother. It’s a mixture of complex emotions, joy, exhaustion, love and worry.”


Kate’s parents offered her a peaceful and reassuring childhood, in which the future princess (who was then an ordinary person) felt loved and valued. So it’s no wonder she wants the same thing for her children. But there is another sublime person who influences his actions: his late mother-in-law, Princess Diana.

Prince William said in an interview that he would sometimes like to see his mother. “I would like to have his opinion on some things. I wish she could meet Kate and watch her grandchildren grow up.” In fact, Lady Di’s memory is constant in their lives, and even today, more than twenty years after her death, her presence is still palpable.


Lady Di was the first British princess to break protocol by refusing to receive help from an army of royal nannies to raise her children. She even took little William with her on his travels abroad, when he was barely nine months old.


Kate knows how much her husband loved her mother, who wanted William and her brother Harry to get along with their classmates, and feel like normal people. Everything suggests that this inspiration was passed on to the next generation, and George, Kate’s eldest son, although third on the list of heirs to the throne, knows that he must, for example, help delivery people carry shopping bags.

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