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That rejection from Kate Middleton That robbed Meghan


The Daily Mail reveals that Meghan Markle had a very bad experience with Kate Middleton’s rejection several years ago. While Prince Harry’s wife wanted a girl-on-girl shopping spree, Kate declined out of fear that they might be targeted by the paparazzi.

The complicated relationship between Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle has often been the talk of the town, and now a new revelation in the Daily Mail has added further credence to these rumours.

The English site notes how much the couple formed by Harry and Meghan feel they were left out by William and Kate when the love story was made official. “Meghan thought she saw Kate as an ally, especially as she had also been mistreated by the press in the past, but it didn’t turn out that way,” it said.

For Archie’s mother, the final blow came when her sister-in-law, Kate, didn’t want them to go on a shopping trip together. Indeed, George, Charlotte and Louis’ mother likes to go out discreetly to go shopping on Kings Road in Chelsea, driven by a protection agent, but on learning that Meghan was also planning a trip there on the same day, Kate did not wish to offer to join her.

The woman who now lives in Los Angeles sees this as a slap in the face, while Kate Middleton thinks more about security. The Duchess of Cambridge thought that two of the world’s most famous women shopping together might provoke a paparazzi scramble and put them in danger.

Meghan’s sense of rejection was heightened when she learned that the Middletons were nervous about inviting her to Pippa’s wedding, fearing that her first public appearance with Harry might overshadow the bride’s big day. Tensions which therefore seem to be built on a misunderstanding!


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