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Sophie De Wessex Mobilized: The Queen’s Daughter-In-Law At The Stove For Caregivers


Sophie de Wessex decided to volunteer her time to help British carers who are overwhelmed by the daily influx of coronavirus patients.

A countess with a big heart. Sophie de Wessex is volunteering, in the greatest secrecy, to help carers who are totally overwhelmed by the coronavirus in the UK. The role of Her Majesty’s daughter-in-law (and favourite) is to prepare lunches for them, so that they can regain their strength with a healthy and balanced meal.

Her team has produced no less than 59,000 free meals a week. Meals were distributed to the following hospitals: St Bartholomew’s Hospital, King’s College Hospital, Epsom General Hospital and finally St Helier Hospital.

Sophie, 55, the wife of the Queen’s son Prince Edward, and Louise’s mother, volunteers once a week alongside professional chefs, according to organizers. An initiative of British financier and millionaire Ian Wace, as reported in the Daily Mail. Volunteers working 24 hours a day through a relay system.


This week, Sophie de Wessex was spotted tending vegetables and making lemon and raspberry pies, wearing a face mask, gloves and an apron. Her work would be valuable to the body. “Sophie does a fabulous job. She’s focused all the time: when it comes to cooking but also cleaning.

She has done it discreetly, without boasting, the whole staff finds her incredible,” says one organizer. Two meals (delete “per day”) – lunch and dinner – are prepared each day by a team of Mealforce volunteers and staff under the watchful eye of Chef Mark Brown, former Sir Elton John chef.

Photo credits: AGENCY / BESTIMAGE

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