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September, Back To School Time For The Royal Kids, In Photos


Like many children in Europe, the school year begins in September. In the Scandinavian countries, this has already taken place a few days ago. Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway has already returned to school, as has Princess Estelle of Sweden who started school this year. In Belgium, the school year starts today. For example, the Royal Palace has distributed a photo of Philippe and Mathilde’s children returning to school. Like Ariane, Estelle and Ingrid Alexandra, Prince Gabriel of Belgium changed schools. He discovered his new school a few days ago, choosing to focus on international education for his last two years of study.

1. Norwegian Royal Family

In Norway, as in Sweden, mid-August is the start of the new school year. Like Princess Estelle of Sweden who discovered her new school this morning, Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway, she too discovered the Uranienborg school, where she is entering her last year of secondary school (ungdomskole). For this new school year, it was her mother, Crown Princess Mette-Marit, who accompanied her.


Princess Ingrid Alexandra goes back to school
Mette-Marit is celebrating her 46th birthday today and it is also the first day of school for her eldest daughter. Princess Ingrid Alexandra, 15, has only one year left in high school, although it is more than likely that she will choose to continue in high school. In Norway, school is compulsory for ages 6 to 16. Preschool or kindergarten classes are not mandatory. At 6 years old, children go to primary school (barneskole) until they are 13 years old. From 13 to 16, they go to high school. For the final years of study, students who wish to go to high school can choose between several courses.

Ingrid Alexandra leaves the international school
Since the beginning of her high school years, Princess Ingrid Alexandra was at the Oslo International School. She chose to change schools and join a public school, the Uranienborg School. The school was chosen because it is located near the palace and her parents felt that she had taken enough English classes. As for his younger brother, Prince Sverre Magnus, he is educated at the Oslo Montessori School.


2. Swedish Royal Family

Princess Estelle of Sweden enters school for the first time
It’s back to school in Sweden! As in Norway, the school starts again in mid-August and not in September. Some find their classmates again, others will have to make new ones. This is the case of Princess Estelle of Sweden, daughter of Crown Princess Victoria and her husband, Prince Daniel. This is her very first day of school.

Victoria takes her daughter Estelle to school for the new school year
Princess Victoria took a picture of her daughter, proud of this moment and shared it on Instagram on the official account of the Royal Court of Sweden. Little Estelle, 7 years old, wore a light blue dress, almost similar to the one she wore last year when she discovered her preschool class. Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel both held their eldest daughter by the hand. She seemed very happy, with a big smile on her face.


In Sweden, school is compulsory for ages 7 to 16. At 7 years old begins the grundskola, which includes the years of primary and secondary school, compared to the French system. Before the age of 7, children can attend pre-school education (förskolekass). Last year, Princess Estelle had joined a preschool class at the Manila Campus in Djurgården.

Picture taken last year during Princess Estelle’s first day of school in the preparatory class (Picture: JESSICA GOW/TT / TT NYHETSBYRÅN)

3. Belgium Royal Family

It’s back to school for everyone on Monday, September 2. Philippe and Mathilde’s children from Belgium are also ready to start this new year. The Royal Palace distributed two photos of the four children of the Belgian king on his way to school.


Back to school for the children of the King and Queen of Belgium
The four children of the Belgian rulers have grown up well. Princess Elisabeth begins her final year of study, soon to reach the age of majority, on October 25. Gabriel from Belgium, who just celebrated his 16th birthday last week, is entering his 5th year of secondary school. In one month to the day, Prince Emmanuel will be 14 years old and Princess Eleanor celebrated her 11th birthday this year.
Philippe and Mathilde’s children are ready to start this school year
“Welcome back to all students, parents and teachers! “, wishes the Royal Palace to all Belgians who are preparing to return to school today. Of course, these two photos shared on Facebook were staged. Indeed, Prince Gabriel of Belgium has been going to the International School of Brussels since this year and the school year has already started last Thursday. Princess Elisabeth, Duchess of Brabant, is a boarder at Atlantic College in Wales, but the school year has not yet begun. The two elders of King Philip and Queen Mathilde are now studying in English. Before that, they had both studied at Collège Saint-Jean-Berchmans in Brussels in Dutch until Secondary 4. For their last two years of study, they preferred to choose an education in English, which gives access to international diplomas. Prince Emmanuel, for his part, is educated in a special school, in the Eureka school in Kessel-Lo, and only Princess Eleonora is still studying in public schools.

4. Kate and William take George and Charlotte to school: back to school for the Cambridge

It’s back to school this morning for Prince George and Princess Charlotte. Little Charlotte discovers her new school, she joins her brother at Thomas’s Battersea for the first year. Prince William and his wife, Kate Middleton, took their two elders to school this morning.


Of course, the press immortalized this moment, as it was the case on Monday when King Philippe took his daughter Eleanor to school or when Princess Ariadne of the Netherlands went to school by bike. The previous week, Princess Estelle of Sweden was the first to enter school and Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway changed schools.


The crisp photos of George and Charlotte making their comeback
The Duchess of Cambridge held the young Charlotte by the hand this morning for her first day of school at Thomas’s Battersea. The Duke of Cambridge held the hand of his son, Prince George, who was already a regular here. Helen Haslem, the headmistress of the preparatory school, was waiting for them in front of the entrance and greeted them all. Of course, George and Charlotte wore the school uniform. For Charlotte, she wore little black waxed shoes, white socks, a navy blue skirt and the school’s navy blue vest, with red patterns, over a white shirt with a very pale blue border. The Duchess of Cambridge wore a Michael Kors dress, which she wore at Harry and Meghan’s wedding rehearsal in May 2018. Little George had opted for the sweater uniform.

Kate Middelton takes her daughter Charlotte to Thomas’s Battersea dressed as Michael Kors Prince George, aged 6, has been attending one of the preparatory schools of Thomas’ s London Day Schools for two years. At the same age as her brother, 4 years old, Princess Charlotte has just set foot in this private school. Thomas’ s London Day Schools are 4 schools located at different locations in London. It was the Battersea Institution, a district southwest of central London, that found favor in William and Kate’s eyes. The pre-preparatory and then preparatory school receives students from 2 to 13, in the private system, the equivalent of the primary school in the public.
Until now, Princess Charlotte used to go to Willcocks Kindergarten, located a few steps from her home in Kensington, every day. Thomas’s Battersea costs about £6,000 per quarter, or very precisely £19,287 per year, which is about €21,900. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge received a small discount for Princess Charlotte, as proposed by the school when the second child enrolled. Princess Charlotte’s school fees will be £18,915. It was also in one of Thomas’s schools that their great-grand cousin, Lord Frederick Windsor, son of Michael de Kent, enrolled his daughter Maud Windsor. Other celebrities who attended this school included Cara Delevingne and Florence Welch, the singer of the group Florence and the Machine.

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