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Princess Eugenie to Meghan and Harry’s rescue at her peril: The gap is too wide


Princess Eugenie is one of the few members of England’s Royal family who keeps in touch with Meghan and Prince Harry. Will she manage to bring the Duke and Duchess of Sussex closer to the rest of the family? Not so sure according to a royal expert.

Princess Eugenie is one of the few supporters of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry in the British monarchy. The first cousins have always been very close. A strong relationship that suggests that Princess Eugenie could play an important role in the reconciliation of Prince Harry and his wife with the rest of the Royal family. A hypothesis that the royal author Phil Dampier sweeps away with a wave of the hand: “Personally, I do not think that Eugenie can do much at the moment to bridge the gap. I think the rift is too deep for her to play a major role in his recovery,” he explained to The Sun, as reported by The Mirror, this Monday, August 9.

According to Phil Dampier, the tensions between Prince Harry and the rest of the family are too great to imagine a reconciliation at the moment: “I don’t think there’s much chance of reconciliation between anyone at the moment and I wouldn’t have thought Eugenie would be able to do anything, even if she is friends with (Meghan and Prince Harry).” But if Prince Andrew’s daughter were to attempt a rapprochement, the royal expert assures that she would be supported in her approach by her sister, Beatrice. “I am sure that Beatrice will support any initiative of Eugenie to try to build bridges and engage in dialogue between Princes William and Harry,” he added.

Princess Eugenie approached to write her cousin’s memoirs

Princess Eugenie could be one of the only members of the royal family to help Prince Harry with his memoir. JR Moehringer, who was chosen by Diana’s son to write his autobiography, is likely to meet with the relatives of Archie and Lilibet’s father to write the book. “Obviously Eugenie will be approached and will speak because she is someone Harry is still in regular contact with,” a source told The Sun.

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