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Prince Philip too weakened to reason with Meghan Markle and Harry


A few months earlier, Prince Philip, although angry with Meghan Markle and Harry, had allowed the Sussex to leave Britain and settle across the Atlantic. A lack of reaction that would result from his age.

Prince Philip, 99 years old, could do nothing: a few months ago, Meghan Markle and Harry left Britain to start a new life, under the sign of financial independence, in the United States. If he is bitter, the husband of Queen Elizabeth II would not have had the courage to fight to prevent the Megxit. An expert on royalty thinks she knows that, had he been “younger”, he would have talked to Meghan Markle (whom he does not carry in his heart) and Prince Harry to try to change their minds about leaving.

His age would have prevented the Duke of Edinburgh from acting to change Meghan and Prince Harry’s mind, as the royal biographer Ingrid Seward confides. She told Fox News: “At her great age, there was a limit to her involvement. And yet he had tried to give them some advice before they left. The Sussex had then remained deaf to his advice.

An unflattering comparison

That doesn’t stop him, afterwards, from telling anyone who will listen how disappointed he is by the attitude of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. He went so far as to compare the former actress to Wallis Simpson, another American divorcée who had shaken the British crown years before, as Ingrid Seward, author of the book Prince Philip Revealed, quoted by the Daily Mail, had already revealed. Wallis Simpson, the woman who had turned Prince Edward VIII’s head, had abdicated out of love for her in 1936.

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