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Prince Harry’s memoirs: Revelations about Diana’s death are expected


Prince Harry will talk about the death of his mother, Lady Diana, in his memoirs, according to information published by The Sun on Thursday, July 22.

New revelations. In January 2020, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their intention to leave the Royal family. While the couple now lives in the United States, they gave a truthful interview to Oprah Winfrey last March. In it, they had made a series of revelations, each more shocking than the other. Both had been discreet since then but the Duke of Sussex made an unexpected announcement a few days ago. Indeed, he revealed that he intends to publish his memoirs.

In them, Meghan Markle’s husband should string together confidences but also revelations. Royal author Angela Levin gave an interview to The Sun in which she revealed that he intends to talk about Lady Diana. “A knowledgeable source told me that Harry’s memoir would focus heavily on the death of his mother, Princess Diana, and the people who caused it,” she explained. “It was a terrible tragedy, but it’s sad that he can’t move on,” she continued afterwards. While these memoirs have not yet been released, they are already generating a lot of buzz.

An intention to harm? By revealing his intention to publish his memoirs, Prince Harry launched a new bomb within the royal family. While the release of his book is scheduled for late 2022, the British believe that Archie’s dad wanted to parasitize an announcement of Buckingham Palace. Indeed, Queen Elizabeth II will celebrate her Platinum Jubilee a few months before the publication of the book. According to the information of Royal Stories, revealed this Tuesday, July 20, Prince Harry could “lose his last constitutional duties especially following his decision to publish his memoirs.

So, did he want the British to focus on his book rather than on the reduction of his duties? Moreover, this announcement was not well received by the main concerned. “She found Prince Harry’s decision deeply disrespectful,” his entourage told the Daily Mail. According to them, Elizabeth II could thus prohibit her grandson and his wife to join the family for his jubilee next year. A decision heavy with meaning, which will still make many react.

Memoirs of Prince Harry: why does he want to write his story?

If Prince Harry wants to publish his memoirs, it is because he wants “to highlight the many hats I have worn over the years,” he confided in a statement. “I hope that by telling my story – the ups and downs, the mistakes, the lessons learned – I can help show that no matter where we come from, we all have a lot more in common than we think,” he then clarified. Thus, it is not as “the prince I have been since birth that I will tell my story but as the man I have become”, he concluded. For the publication of his book, he turned to Penguin Random House and the proceeds from sales will be donated to associations.

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