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Prince Harry watched: The financial reason behind his return to Britain


While one source has revealed to the Sun that Prince Harry will soon return to Britain, many are already speculating about this somewhat unexpected return. And the reason would be none other than financial.

Will Prince Harry be back soon? A few weeks ago, a royal source revealed to the Sun that Elizabeth II had asked her staff to prepare the Frogmore Cottage for Prince Harry’s imminent return to the United Kingdom.

And if the Duke wished to return to his native land, it was not mainly to reconnect with his family, still irritated by his departure for California, but to escape… the American tax authorities. Meghan Markle’s husband, who arrived in the United States on May 7, is nearing the end of his 183 days on a regular visa. After which, her income will be closely scrutinized by the administration.

As Point of View points out, on newsstands on Wednesday, October 21, after this period, the income of Prince Harry, in the United States but also abroad, will be calculated so that he pays taxes. Could thus be subject to taxation, his conference in Miami last February, which brought him nearly a million dollars, his contract with Netflix, but also the money from his assets in Great Britain and the financial assistance of Prince Charles. “You can be sure that the tax authorities are following this very closely,” an American lawyer told the Daily Mail.

Another Christmas without Harry and Meghan

If for the moment the return of Prince Harry has not been confirmed, it turns out that Meghan Markle and Archie were not even mentioned, so they probably weren’t part of the trip. A sad news for Elizabeth II who has not seen her great-grandson for a year now, and who will also have to do without him at Christmas.

But this return will be an opportunity for her to set things straight with the Duke of Sussex, who has been putting her in an embarrassing situation for several months because of her stance in the American presidential campaign. This could cost Prince Harry a green card, which he will be able to apply for after two years, but also a diplomatic passport, which would exempt him from all taxes.

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