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Prince Harry was always looking for “a woman of character” like his mother Diana


According to a royal biographer, Prince Harry was always looking for a woman of strong character, who resembled his mother, Lady Di.

At the age of 12, Prince Harry suffered the greatest tragedy of his life. In 1997, he lost his mother, Lady Diana, in a tragic car accident in Paris. Since that day, the Duke of Sussex has never ceased to pay tribute to the Princess of Wales.

Even in the choice of his wife, according to his biographer. In the columns of the Telegraph, Angela Levin commented on the couple’s unprecedented decision to distance themselves from the British royal family.

“Harry, it seems, never wanted a woman who would walk quietly behind him on a royal engagement, but someone who was prickly, spicy and could stand up for herself,” began Harry’s author: Conversations with the Prince. His previous failed relationships had helped him define what he needed in a woman: someone who was beautiful, smart, warm, sexy and strong with a touch of motherhood.”

Angela Levin also highlighted the similarities between Meghan Markle and Lady Diana, including their devotion to helping those in need. “Meghan had even admired Princess Diana’s good deeds as a teenager and tried to emulate them by doing charity work,” the author said.

But what would the former wife of Prince Charles have thought of Harry and Meghan’s choice? “I suppose she would have been sympathetic to them for charting their own course, something she was eager to do after her divorce,” the biographer replies.

Six weeks before her death, she had lunch in New York City with Tina Brown, then editor of Vanity Fair, and Anna Wintour, editor of American Vogue in New York. Brown later wrote that Diana was “excited about the lack of class, freshness and stifling tradition in the United States”.

Prince William: “I’m sad”

“Yet I think she would have been horrified and desperately unhappy if this had only widened the gap between the two sons she loved so deeply,” concluded Angela Levin. And horrified is exactly what Prince William is. Kate Middleton’s husband reacted to her brother’s choice in the Sunday Times columns.

“I am sad,” assured the Duke of Cambridge. The only thing we can do now, the only thing I can do, is to try to support them and hope that when the time comes we will all be on the same wavelength again.

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