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Prince Harry to receive his share of Prince Philip’s estate


Despite his electric relationship with the British royal family, Prince Harry is set to receive his share of inheritance from Prince Philip, who died on April 9.

The departure of Prince Harry from the British royal family is still being talked about. The latest twist in date: the revelations of the Duke of Sussex in the documentary The Me You Can’t See, unveiled on May 21 on Apple TV +. Facing the journalist Oprah Winfrey, the 36-year-old prince accused his father, Prince Charles, of having let him “suffer” during his childhood exposed to the media.

He also blamed the Firm for neglecting his family following his marriage to Meghan Markle, which deeply hurt his grandmother, Elizabeth II. But if the entire Windsor clan has now against the little prince, the latter should well receive the inheritance that was reserved for him by his late grandfather, Prince Philip.

In any case, this is what a source close to Buckingham Palace recently let us know in the columns of the British daily The Sun: “Philip was not the type to punish one of his grandchildren for bad behavior. He was a fair, impartial and pleasant man. He did not hold grudges,” said the source.

Thus, the grandson of the Prince Consort should receive a portion of the colossal legacy of Prince Philip, estimated at 30 million pounds. A very large part will of course go to Elizabeth II, and the prince’s children, Charles, Anne, Edward and Andrew, have been given permission to help themselves to their father’s extensive collection of books and art.

Three employees of Prince Philip in the estate

According to the same source, the Duke of Edinburgh also chose to give part of his financial inheritance to three of his former employees. “Unlike other royals, Prince Philip is going to be generous to three of the men who took care of him,” the source revealed. “They are his private secretary, Brigadier Archie Miller Bakewell and his ushers William Henderson and Stephen Niedojadlo.” According to the prince’s last wishes, all of them will receive a handsome sum of money.

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